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Sun 5/3/15 @ 11AM

This year, Cleveland’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale will be Sunday, 5/03 from 11am-3pm at Zagara’s Marketplace (1940 Lee Road).

“Zagara’s is a great locally owned store in the heart of Cleveland Heights,” says Jen Kaden, president of Cleveland Animal Rights Alliance (CARA). “They graciously allow us to have our sale in their front lobby where we can greet customers and explain to them about vegan food and our mission, while tempting them with tasty baked goods. This way, some of our bake sale customers are just coming to buy groceries and happen to see us, while others have heard about the sale and are coming specifically for it.”

This is CARA’s third year participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale. CARA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization promoting the principle that every animal, both human and non-human, exist free from oppression, human use and exploitation. CARA recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and works to break down barriers between species yet foster healthy and respectful boundaries that allow all individuals to live on their own terms.

CARA achieves this cultural shift in consciousness by advocating a compassionate vegan ethic and a living mindfully to the plight of those most in need, so hosting the Vegan Bake Sale locally is a great fit. The organization hosts a variety of community outreach events throughout the year, ranging from topics that address human health & nutrition, environmental sustainability, ethics and philosophy as it pertains to our relationship with other animals.

So, what is the story with this worldwide bake sale? Since 2009, groups from across the world have been holding vegan bake sales between April 25 through May 3. Each participating group gets to choose its venue, what to sell and how it uses the proceeds. Participating groups have raised $300,000 since the events inception for a diversity of causes throughout the world. This year, more than 150 bake sales are taking place across six continents. The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale was named “Veg Event of the Year” by VegNews Magazine.

“Anyone and everyone is welcome to the bake sale, whether they are vegan or just curious to see if vegan baked goods can taste as good as desserts that use dairy and eggs,” says Jen.

“Spoiler alert,” she continues, “They taste great and have none of the cruelty or cholesterol of the traditional kind.”

There will be bread, cookies, bars, brownies, cake pops, cupcakes, banana bread, donuts, pies and a few other items available for purchase at the bake sale.

“We have several volunteer bakers along with our two local all-vegan bakeries donating items, Vegan Sweet Tooth and Poison Berry Bakery,” Jen concludes.

This event is going to be guilt-free and delicious!

Cleveland Animal Rights Alliance

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