VIDEO: Over 30 Local Artists Transform Abandoned & Foreclosed Homes In Slavic Village

Sat 5/17 @ 1pm

As a child, did you ever get the impulse to draw on your walls? It’s only natural – the first signs of art in human history are cave drawings scribbled on interior walls. To artists, the world is a canvas. Developers in Slavic Village are encouraging this creative impulse with Rooms to Let: Cleveland (RTL). Local artists living in Slavic Village have been given a vacant house to decorate and/or curate as they see fit.

Melissa Vogley Woods first conceived of Rooms to Let Temporary Art Space in 2010 as an opportunity for Columbus-area artists to rejuvenate the neighborhood of Franklinton. Artists installed works of art throughout the homes of the area. Initially, the project only utilized vacant houses, but in 2013, participating artists expanded to empty lots, partially-demolished buildings and even newly developed houses awaiting their first residents.

Cleveland’s RTL is organized in conjunction with Columbus’ organizers, as well as Cleveland’s Zygote Press. Participating artists are mostly local, but some come from as far as New York and California. Artists have been working hard for weeks in preparation of Saturday’s neighborhood block party and street tour. The day will include live, local music from Todd Allen, The Wingtones and the Musmin Collective. Interactive activities will be available for guests of all ages.

In 2007, Slavic Village had more home foreclosures than any other zip code in the country – which led to national media coverage in the wake of the housing crisis and economic collapse.

Participating artist-curators include Barbary Bachtell, Director of Broadway School of Music & the Arts, Westleigh Harper and Michael Horton of MAKER Design Studio and local painter Scott Pickering (all of whom live in Slavic Village). Over two dozen local artists will be participaiting – including Justin Brennan, Jeff Chiplis, Dan Corrigan, Sean Kelly, Loren Naji, Cynthia Penter and many more.

In total, more than 30 artists will participate. RTL homes include 6626 Forman Avenue, 6801 Forman Avenue and 6818 Fleet Avenue.

The day’s events also include the debut of two exhibitions at two of the neighborhood’s new galleries. Just a Glimpse Gallery (3722 e.65th Street, Cleveland, OH) will host a group show of local artists’ work, and Elevate Gallery (3675 e.65th Street, Cleveland, OH) will debut an art installation by local artist James Jenkins; in addition to an art market, crafts for kids and food for purchase.

The Lavender Garden will host the official block party with an interactive art project, live music and food merchants.

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  1. scott pickering

    wanted to let you know that the room pictured in this article – features the artwork of david cintron.

  2. Heather Huff

    Anything Scott Pickering and David Cintron does is amazing. Hope to see you there!

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