The Himalayan

Hard to believe there was ever a time when ethnic cuisine in Cleveland meant “European” exclusively, and chow mein was the most exotic thing around. Now of course, we’ve become familiar with food from all over the world, and Indian food isn’t exotic anymore. And yet, there’s a new twist at the Himalayan Restaurant in Kamm’s Corners: Indian/Nepali.

Frequent diners-out will recognize items like samosas, pakora daal, and masala, which are all over the menu. But they’re studded with less familiar selections such as momo, a Tiberan dumpling, buffalo and goat sukuti, and curry Himalayan Nepali-style. Or try a familiar dish, such as biryani, spiced the Himalayan way. The menu is extensive so you’re sure to find something you like, whether you’re a meat eater (and adventurous enough to try buffalo) or a dedicated vegetarian. Beer is available but you could try one of their distinctive lassi yogurt drinks.

13124 Lorain Ave., Cleveland



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