Dagu Rice Noodle


Dagu Rice Noodle was opened in AsiaTown in the former Koko Café space in July 2019 by Sheng Long Yu, who also owns Strongsville’s Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Kenko in University Circle and Kent. It’s an outpost of a Shanghai-based chain that has hundreds of locations in China and a few in Canada.

It features a noodle soup-based meal-in-a-bowl somewhat similar to the hot pot. Boiling broth in bowls — which can be meat- or vegetable-based, spicy or not — is brought to the table where other ingredients, ranging from shrimp, beef and Spam to kimchi, tofu, quail eggs and corn, are added. The menu also features street food-type appetizers and fruit and cheese teas.

3710 Payne Avenue



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