D.C. Alt-Country Band Plays for Ohio Citizen Action

Fri 5/24 @ 9PM

If you like rootsy music and despise fracking, you’ll want to stop by the Beachland Tavern for the benefit for environmental group Ohio Citizen Action, headlined by the Washington D.C.-based Highballers.

Despite their name, the Highballers don’t spend their time hanging around Georgetown bars with orange-faced Ohio congressman John Boehner.

The quintet is known as a exemplar of what’s come to be called “alternative country” — a form of music that skips the pop drivel that passes for country today to honor the genre’s forefathers, while bringing in its modern influences from rock styles like punk and garage. They feature the male/female sparring vocals that make so many practitioners of the genre so appealing.

The group was cofounded in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist/ New Orleans native in Kendall Jackson, who moved to Cleveland in the early ’90s where he formed garage-rockers the Dirty Bottom Boys. Apparently he still cares about clean air and water in his former home state. The Lawton Brothers and Mole People are also on the bill.

Admission is a $10 suggested donation.






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