VIDEO: Beck Center Installs Record Breaking Mural


Impresario & gallerist Paul Sykes supervises the installation of Natasha Turovsky’s 51′  X 17′ mural on the wall facing the courtyard of Lakewood’s Beck Center for the Arts.

“The world’s largest outside mural that hangs on an arts center,” is expected to be certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Sykes plans to continue hanging large murals at the Beck Center to create the world’s first outdoor wall museum.


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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Beck Center Installs Record Breaking Mural”

  1. Michka Saal

    Art is neither about setting a Guinness record nor a luxury. I believe it has the power to enable men and women to transcend their human condition and give us a reason to live. And in that field, Natasha Turovsky is a unique, deep and funny post-surrealistic artist. Her inspiration is one of close observation of reality and the transmission of ancient cultural rites, translated through a highly original sense of derision. There will always be someone to say “my child could do this at 5” in front of a Rothko, and I suppose someone else who wants his money back in the face of a mural with such incredibly rich, haunting, poetic and philosophical value as Natasha Turovsky’s Marathon. I’m not from Cleveland, but I would certainly visit the city to see this mural. You can call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

  2. Cindy Einhouse

    On behalf of Beck Center, I’d like to publicly thank Paul Sykes and Natasha Turovsky for their generous donation of this mural. It’s a wonderful thing that two individuals would volunteer their time and resources to present this gift of art for everyone to enjoy. This is a true statement of philanthropy and love of public art. We look forward to having Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers dedicate this new mural on Saturday May 19 at 11:30am. Thank you again, Paul and Natasha!

  3. Mary Anne Crampton

    Thank you, Thomas for spreading the word on this exciting public art happening in Lakewood.

    Thank you, Paul and Natasha, for your extraordinary donation to Beck Center. Your generosity affirms Cleveland’s nationally renown philanthropic tradition and Lakewood’s reputation as a community that celebrates and supports art in all its glorious forms!

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