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Follow Thomas Mulready on his journey as he spent 72 hours on the Ohio StartupBus speeding down to Austin, TX, collaborating with complete strangers to conceive, build and launch a new business. Jump aboard as he streamed live video everyday at NOON and 4PM on, and broadcasted live on Western Reserve PBS television each evening at 6:57PM. From the first installment, shot at Cleveland’s West Side Market, to the last video giving results of the finals in Austin, you won’t miss a mile!


Scan the Pinterest of StartupBus 2012 by Thomas Mulready
View the images from the #CincyStartupBus

* Have a look at the Pinterest of #TheStartupBus

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On and off the bus, from Day 1 in Columbus, through the climax in Austin, Texas

* View the StartupBus Flickr photostream

Watch the videos and follow along
Watch the trip from the beginning… New video was added 4x/day or more!
* Prep: On the Road to the StartupBus
* Day 1: StartupBus Departs from TechColumbus
* Day 1: Hipster Six Are Already Pitching on StartupBus
* Day 1: Two Buspreneurs Pitch Their Concepts on the StartupBus
* Day 1: Window Whiteboards on #TheStartupBus
* Day 1: StartupBus Conceives a Company
* Day 2: The StartupBus Pulls An All-Nighter
* Day 2: The StartupBus Pivots 180-degrees
* Day 2: Live From the StartupBus – Day Two
* Day 2: Another 180-degree Pivot On The StartupBus
* Day 2: Meet NEO Entrepreneurs on the StartupBus by Thomas Mulready
* Day 2: Two NEO Buspreneurs Collaborate
* Day 3: StartupBus Day #3, 03-08-12
* Day 3: StartupBus Hits Hour 72
* Day 3: Siplyapp Nails Their Pitch in San Antonio
* Day 3: The StartupBus Arrives in Austin
* Day 4: Live From SXSW in Austin on #TheStartupBus
* Day 4: Lisnr Makes the Semi-Finals
* Day 4: Jon Stahl of Lean Dog at #TheStartupBus in Austin
* Day 4: Cool Cleveland Talks With Startup Neighboardly in Austin 
* Day 4: Chris Cutter of North Canton Changes on #TheStartupBus
* Day 4: Interview with Greg Svitak of Hyland Software, Conductor 
* Day 4: Cool Cleveland Talks With Startup Brainz With Friends
* Day 4: Interview With SimplyDone in Austin
* Wrap-Up: StartupBus Update 03.11.12
* Wrap-Up: #The StartupBus Finals

Read the blow-by blow
in these blog postings by Thomas Mulready on the NEOtropolis blog:
* Day 2: Judgement Day

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  1. CHEVRON?! HARDLY a startup…BW..been THERE like 2 to 3 yrs now..THEIR INNO ctr…IS a route WE ALL should be taking…new world order or whutever want to call that..Bustrip…CLEVELAND version of TV celeb reality shows…knockoff of elevator 2 minute show were gotta sell idea b4 doors open up…NARROWS THAT DOwn fast…. ps..

  2. PS…if gonna go down THAT route… FORBES..NYC “general”…NOT THE actual REAL city council one or NYstate… THAT idea..NOT trying TO $*@* U mr.M or anyone else there…ClevelandCrew that is…competition? MAYBE…but way woolywidewebwastewaitwateringhole operates VERY little CANT access…or as they say MOST pings back…ONCE in blue moon a wicki THROWS out call for…HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEElllllllllllp…AINT often…RARE actually…usually concersn EXTREME physcis….anyhoots…BUT BACK to… THIS IS SOMETHING WE need to do…a BW n rest PROBABLY RIGHTFULLY SMELL this is the time NOW to do THIS…ACTUALLY IT WAS YESTERDAY…I GUESS ol yesteryear Fortune 500 ol corporate whuteverworld continued n had affect OF on folks..or LULLED warm n fuzzy feeling of 1990s…WHUTEVER it was….GONNA be a H of a tough sell thou…to MOST OF THE POPULACE…U KNOooow gonna hear the *$*@ bout when gonna get a REAL job,etc.etc.n all THAT…X%# of THAT crew semi envious,want X to suffer,have own fears n WHOLE 4 car freight train thing goin on….GALS SEEM to be trending out TWO ways…PAMPEREDPRINCESSlandPARADIGM rescue me OR TIGERWarriorMomCorporateClonething…something like THAT….w/ALL THAT entails..I GUESS YESTERYEAR thing EMBEDDED IN THOSE gense…Yo ‘girl’…I CAN UNDERSTAND YOUR “GRANNY”, “MOM” having THAT ‘schtick’…psst..GIRL..U ARE 33 or 43….wha gives…

  3. GOT OCEANS of NGOs,nonprofits and all the rest of it…semi wha gives..HATE being a *$*@ bout this…I ASSume U check own flogblogs to get idea of…

  4. NO idea HOW ALL THE *$*@ from CLEVELAND INTERNATIONAL fund,county corruption AND ALL THE REST OF IT is affecting your uberwunderwurld….I can pic OUR CREATION OF THIS 3rd world MINI MICROlendoer whutever biz…hey..if it works…PERSONALLY..I THINK A GOOD thing doin this stuff…JUST not sure if get labeled as ANOTHER DOTCOM pizzaparty yo *$*@ oversixed kiddieland whutever…HARD conveying image of REALLY GETTING work done…PUT IT THIS way..gave a 1983..YEsss 1 9 8 3 VERSION of PRIMEBASIC to galpal…SHE WAS JUST learning comuters 2 yrs ago…SHE DEALT w/dutyterminal tied to MICRO or main frame type deal…1980s…Yeahh…FINALLY SHE got a laptop…n like rest of americano checking out Pettubie,etc. Hey….BUT ANYWAYS…SHE WAS Q U I E T when flitted thru THAT thing..I TOLD HER YES the basiscs (sorry) apply…least 66% of it…SHE GETS SAVED CUZ of EASY web,wordsmith,etc. IF ACTUALLY HAD to ‘program’….

  5. […] The Startup Bus was a set of buses the drove to SXSW from different cities, “creating apps” on the way. Oof. […]

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