Justin Brennan Shows New Paintings at HEDGE Gallery

Wed 1/13 @ 6-8PM

Fri 1/15 @ 5-8PM

While many things are on hold for the time being, HEDGE Gallery in 78th street Studios has been moving right along with a full schedule of exhibitions by some of the area’s best artists.

They didn’t have to go too far to find the artist whose work is featured in the next show: Justin Brennan’s studio is tucked in the far back corner of the top floor of 78th Street Studios where visitors to the monthly Third Fridays will usually find him at work. So many people who regularly walk through the building know his work.

General Maintenance will feature a group of his newest paintings, doing in a mix of media including oil stick, oil paint, latex, enamel, spray paint and collage. He’s known for his figurative style that often leans heavily into abstraction.

The gallery’s statement says, “Themes of Pop Art-inspired portraits were evolving in 2019, but as COVID-19 became a reality in March of 2020, Brennan’s work became influenced by in-depth self-reflection. Feelings of unrest inspired his painting styles to bounce from frantic mark-making to controlled strokes; and as the pandemic worsened, the work only got more personal.

“Soon a series of portraits developed based on the artist’s face and those of loved ones, rather than found imagery. Justin also created a series of narrative paintings with symbolism, exposing personal-life issues such as mental-health struggles and addictive qualities. His recent neo-expressionistic paintings depict human figures, loosely painted in strident parodies, with underling commentary on current urban culture.”

There’s a preview reception Wednesday January 13 @ 6-8pm; the opening reception takes place during the January Third Friday, January 15 @ 5-8pm. The show will be on view through Friday March 5.


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