Cle Indie Rockers Public Squares Share New “Soundtrack” Album at Beachland Tavern

Sat 12/7 @ 7PM

Cleveland rockers Public Squares claim that they arrived just in time to save rock & roll. That may be a bit dramatic, but their music is intriguing, combining elements of goth, dark British post-punk and psych rock.

They describe their latest project, From Up There, their fourth release, as “the soundtrack to a movie that exists outside of this dimension, and the listener is the main character.” The 11 tracks are interspersed with clips from the “movie,” featuring “cast members” such as actor Ralph Gunderman, punk rocker Bill Stevenson, and Tony Erba, a veteran of Cleveland’s various heavy music scenes. The album also includes trading cards for each character by local artist Jake Kelly, who has been drawing some of the most arresting concert posters for Cleveland clubs for more than a decade.

You can snag this work and hear the band at their release party at the Beachland Tavern this week, with Actual Form and Mild Animals also on the bill. Admission is $7.


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