Try Some Vegan Mexican Food at La Plaza Supermarket’s Vegan Wednesday

Wed 6/26 @ 5-9PM

Want to spice up a mid-week evening? Come on out to La Plaza Supermarket’s Vegan Night where you’ll earn that yes, Mexican food can be vegan- and vegetarian-friendly and still be delicious.

The focus this evening will be on empanadas, a version of that cooked, filled savory pastry that seems to be a staple of every culture — think ravioli, pierogies or samosas. This version has a corn-based shell — no flour for you gluten-free eaters — that’s filled with a variety of vegetable mixes and fried in vegetable oil. Vegan tamales, potato tacos and nopalitos (made from the stems of prickly pear cactus) will also be on the menu.

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