No Exit New Music Presents an Adventurous Clarinet Duo at Appletree Books

Gunnar Owen Hirthe

Fri 4/26 @ 7-8PM

Both Gunnar Owen Hirthe and Derek Emch are Bowling Green State University doctoral candidates in contemporary music/clarinet. Hirthe is a member of Cleveland’s No Exit New Music Ensemble, which specializes in presenting new, adventurous compositions, often world premieres.

And next up they’ll be presenting a collaboration of Hirthe and Emch they’ve dubbed Squirrel Noir, combining Hirthe’s classical background and Emch’s affinity for contemporary music to use their instruments to create sounds unlike anything Benny Goodman would have played.

They’ll be at Appletree Books performing a series of pieces not often heard at clarinet recitals, including John McCowen’s Mundana Duos 1 & 2, Dai Fujikura’s Sakana, Michael Tenzer’s 3 Island Duos, Evan Ziporyn’s Partial Truths, and Eric Mandat’s Bipolarang and Emch’s own Meditation No. 1.

Mundana is minimalist and reminiscent of 1970’s electronic tape music. Sakana is for solo clarinet and uses lots of multiphonics,” says Hirthe. “Three Island Duos is based on imaginary places and influenced by Balinese gamelan music. Partial Truths is a bass clarinet solo with multiphonics and singing. Derek’s Meditation No.1 is like an improvisation, and Bipolarang is a silly piece—super jaunty. Overall, listeners can expect to be awed and beguiled by lots of varied moods and multiphonics.”

As are all No Exit events, this one is free.


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