Environmental Journalist Discusses the Asian Carp Crisis at the Hudson Library

Mon 3/25 @ 7PM

Threats to our great Lake Erie are prevalent and continually worsening — algae blooms, zebra mussels and sewage runoff are just a few of the challenges environmental agencies are facing.

The Asian Carp crisis has already bulldozed through many parts of North America, multiplying and competing with native species for food in places like the Mississippi River, lake and river systems in Canada and Mexico, and even closer in the lakes of Michigan and Illinois. A reproducing population has yet to hit the Great Lakes, but we should not wait for it to happen before understanding the problem.

Award-winning environmental journalist Andrew Reeves will dig into the heart of this crisis as he discusses his book, Overrun: Dispatches from the Asian Carp Crisis. Reeves is the editor-in-chief Canada’s oldest environmental journal Alternatives Journal, and has appeared in many environmental journals. Overrun traces the origin and path of this invasive species — copies available for purchase and signing at his event at the Hudson Library & Historical Society.

Democratic Representative John Rogers said in 2018, when seeking greater funding for Asian Carp protections that, “As one of our nation’s greatest freshwater water resources, the lake not only provides drinking water for 3 million Ohioans, it is also responsible for generating $750 million in state and local taxes, attracting 1.5 million hunters and anglers who alone spend $2 billion in Ohio. If we fail as a nation to address this growing threat, the damage caused by this invasive species will be irreversible.”

The crisis would have ripple effects that would put more than the environment at risk. Join in this free and important discussion on Mon 3/25 @ 7pm at the Hudson Library & Historical Society. Register here.

[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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