World Premiere Play at convergence-continuum Takes on the Nikolai Tesla Legend

Fri 12/1-Sat 12/16

Serbian-American inventor Nikolai Tesla (1856-1947) has become something of a romantic figure in cultural myth, due to what some perceive as a lack of credit for his breakthroughs and advances in the sphere of electricity. In fact, he became quite wealthy and well known in his prime. But he spent much of his money on projects that didn’t pan out and died in poverty and obscurity. Only in recent years has he again been widely recognized for his huge contributions to much of the technology we take for granted.

Now Cleveland playwright Christopher Johnston has taken on the legend in The Chaste Genius and His Deathray Gun, which will have its world premiere by the convergence-continuum theater ensemble, imagining Tesla on the last night of his life, “ready to challenge his critics before riding his beloved electric currents into the Great Beyond.”

The play opens Fri 12/1 and runs Thursdays through Saturdays @ 8pm through Sat 12/16 at c-c’s home, the Liminis. Tickets are $20 on Friday and Saturday, $15 on Thursday.



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