Rooms to Let: CLE Looking for Submissions for 2017 Edition


The temporary, two-day show in the Slavic Village neighborhood called Rooms to Let: CLE returns for its fourth year Sat 5/20 and Sun 5/21 from 1-5pm each day.

In the neighborhood that was often called “ground zero” for the foreclosure crisis in the U.S., artists take over abandoned, condemned homes and transform them for a single weekend, referencing both the past devastation and the possibility of a different future and spurring a conversation about vacancy and neglect.

Rooms to Let: CLE is currently looking for artists, including performance artists, installation artists and multi-disciplinary artists young and old, singly or in teams, to take over part of a house, interior or exterior, or a vacant lot, yard or garage, and create something with/in it. They’re also looking for artists to lead hands-on activities and activate vacant lots.

The deadline to apply is Mon 3/20 @ 5pm. Go here for the application. For questions

contact Andrew Kinney @


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  1. I grew up in Slavic Village: in the fifties and early sixties, it was a vibrant neighborhood. I recently found out that my childhood home on Salem Avenue had been demolished. It was a sad and sobering experience. As a poet and writer, I think it’s a very good thing that Rooms to Let: CLE is reimagining this area and “the possibility of a different future.” Bravo!

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