Hedge Gallery Presents ‘Palettes for the Senses: Art + Scent Demystified’

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Fri 2/17 @ 5PM

Dedicated to promoting living Northeast Ohio artists, HEDGE Gallery represents both established and emerging artists. By creating a large 3,500-square foot space, HEDGE allows artists to experiment and exhibit their most recent work, with plenty of space for viewers to take in and engage with up to 40 works at one time. Located within 78th Street Studios, HEDGE Gallery currently represents 13 artists.

The newest exhibition at HEDGE Gallery is Palettes for the Senses: Art + Scent Demystified. The show is a cross-disciplinary exhibit combining recent art work by 11 of HEDGE Gallery’s represented artists and curated fragrances by Indigo Perfumery that can be interpreted from both olfactory and visual arts perspectives. This immersive experience transcends sensory borders while exploring scent as a creative but unseen medium.

“I’m most excited to watch viewers simultaneous interactions with scent and art,” says Hilary Gent, gallery director and owner of HEDGE Gallery. “Scent is often such a deeply embedded part of our memories, and I’m curious to see and hear how visitors respond to the artwork once a scent is introduced. The beauty of the smelling interaction is that it is at the viewer’s leisure — nothing is sprayed or released into the air. Viewers will be encouraged to lift a glass dome displayed next to the art work in order to take in the fragrance so it is their own personal experience.”

The preview for the show is Fri 2/17 @ 11am-4pm, with the opening reception that evening from 5-9pm. The show will be on view through Fri 3/3. Gallery artists represented in the exhibition are Rebecca Cross, Matthew Gallagher, Meghann Hennan, Christopher Kier, David Masters, Liz Maugans, Brian Mouhlas, Jessica Pinsky, Katy Richards, Dott von Schneider and Nikki Woods.

“Visitors will have the opportunity to visit a series of smelling and viewing stations in the gallery. Each piece of art will be accompanied by glass domes that are lifted to sniff the fragrances, allowing viewers to investigate the visual art while experiencing an olfactory interpretation, highlighting the awareness of scent and its increasing presence as a design element,” Hilary shares.

Everyone is welcome: parents, children, couples, singles, young and old; even dogs are welcome as long as they are well behaved.

Palettes for the Senses: Art + Scent Demystified is free of charge. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm, and Third Fridays from 11am-9pm. Weekends are by appointment only, and can be made by emailing hilary@hedgeartgallery.com or calling 216-650-4201.

“This is just one of the many exhibits that we curate in order to unite with other local businesses. Once a year we combine efforts with a local business, like Indigo Perfumery, or an art program at a college or university to engage with the vast amount of creative talent that is growing in Northeast Ohio,” explains Hilary. “We promote local artists, and we hope that you will take part by visiting the gallery, talking to the artists and supporting them with us!”

HEDGE Gallery

[Written by Kendall Embrescia-Hridel]


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