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Aaron Dilloway has run his own record label, Hanson Records for 20 years out of Brighton and Ann Arbor, MI, featuring noise, drone, electronica, sound art, performance and ambient music from his own band Galen and other artists such as Kevin Drumm, Smegma, Hair Police, Emeralds and Skin Graft, and almost all released on cassette.

Now Hanson Records is a brick-and-mortar record shop in Oberlin, Ohio, where Dilloway still stocks cassettes, magazines, books, box sets, CD-Rs and a growing selection of vinyl across a broad range of genres.

If it’s hard-to-find music you’ve been looking for, stop by the heart of Oberlin, where Hanson Records offers an array of imports, rare releases, CDs and a lot of cassette tapes. Posters, t-shirts, knowledgeable staff — yeah they have that, too.



Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm
Saturday 1pm – 7pm


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