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Fri 5/8 @ 7:30pm

Zygote Press, Cleveland’s creative outpost dedicated to the art of printmaking, will turn 20 next year. Think back to how technology has changed in the past 20 years, when our populace wasn’t addicted to the allure of small screens and people didn’t text, they wrote notes to one another… by hand.

Yeah, yeah, times have changed but the art of printmaking — making prints by hand — has stood the test of time. After all, there are some things machines can never replace… at least not with heart.

So raise a glass and fill your belly with pasta at the Bada Bingo Spaghetti Dinner + Benefit to toast Zygote Press’ longevity and raise funds for their continued success. As with everything they do, this event will ooze with creativity. Rest assured this isn’t your average night of bingo and spaghetti.

“This bingo ain’t your grandparents’ BINGO, but a respectful adaptation of the traditional communal spaghetti dinner, church environment with a few twists thrown in,” says Liz Maugans, Zygote co-founder and executive director.

The food will be far from your average pasta. Several local chefs have contributed their favorite chef’s sauce samplers, with fare provided by Grove Hill, Toast and Flying Fig, along with gourmet salads from Anna in the Raw and Taste Buds and desserts from Luna.

CoolCleveland’s own Thomas Mulready and Marty Bielat will be the emcees, DJ APE will spin tunes, there will be prizes galore and an incredible BIG SHOW showcasing the work of 35+ Cleveland artists will be hanging in the space. It’s all about the art, so of course there will be plenty of visuals to peruse and purchase.

“Zygote is committed to artists here in Cleveland,” says Maugans. “With last year’s Iron Printmaker success that brought together chefs and printmakers in a LIVE studio collaboration, and now this year’s BADA BINGO, we have tried to re-think benefit models in general.”

Maugans continues, saying, “This is but one example of Zygote responding to what artists want and need in this region. We don’t want collectors to go to NYC just to say they purchased their art there — we want them to know they got an incredible artist’s work here in Cleveland  (and we can save them on the  gas money) because the work is  strong, exciting and as vital as any blue chip artists working in the Big Apple.

“Just look at the work and artists in this show. Zygote’s responsiveness to artists through our Works-in-Progress Crit Sessions, Affordable Access to our twice weekly Open Studios, Classes, One-on-One instruction, residency and editioning opportunities and more…. are just a few examples of our commitment to artists and arts lovers.

“We love that we can attract designers, illustrators, music poster screenprinters, emerging artists, mid career artists, art therapists, artists from all disciplines to come and enjoy what they can tap into at our shop. 20 years is a long time and in 2016 we will hit that mark. Healthy and happy and inky! A shout out to Kate Snow, Zygote Associate Director who has been so pivotal in making this benefit a reality!”

If you don’t know Zygote, now’s the time to get acquainted.

“We have an insatiable love of this city, so much that we feel it is our mission to expand and develop with the needs, growth and surprises that greet us each year-being in Cleveland. We want everyone to take a class, learn to silkscreen here, make cards, feel creative, bring your group for a tour, and check out our Press-on-Wheels educational programs.

“We want new makers (with or without experience) to feel the energy of others in the studio who are discovering new ways of making and communicating. At Zygote, our green  collective maker space allows everyone to feel that it isn’t such a lonely, insular space but  a lively, invigorating and ever-learning lab-resource for anyone interested in being there.”

The studio offers classes in all types of printmaking (silkscreening, lithography, etc.), an open studio every Wednesday and Friday, and an affordable membership package offering discounts, free studio time and inclusion in upcoming exhibitions. And, the future looks bright with several new programs on the horizon.

“Zygote is embarking on two fantastic new adventures — Ink House and ZOG (Zygote Operation Green). Both are immersive thoughtful services that we can contribute back again to the artists and institutions requesting these services.

“Ink House will be a new space devoted to the space that we need to pull high quality fine art prints. Located in Collinwood, Ink House provides our printers to make multiples for others in a controlled space where we can edition fine-art prints for artists , musicians, and organizations.  This space will be a production space where our highly skilled printers can go to develop these prints for clients. Christi Birchfiled has just been moved to this full-time position as Ink House Production Director — so any artists who want to come and play and print — call Christi.

“ZOG is Zygote Operation Green, a wonderful GUND Foundation supported grant (and complete overhaul of Zygote’s entire studio) that delivers 100% non toxic approaches and facilities  to Zygote while providing our entire community with a healthy more cost-effective approach to all of our creative futures. Rebekah Wilhelm, our Shop Manager, is spearheading ZOG! Ink House we believe will be the first green Editioning House int the USA.”

Learn more about this fantastic organization while you play bingo and nosh on spaghetti at their upcoming benefit. And look forward to seeing Zygote at Rooms to Let in Slavic Village on Sun 5/17 with their Press on Wheels hands-on mobile intaglio press. Try your hand at making your own prints. Then their Ink House official open house “Free the Ink” party will take place Sat 6/27 coinciding with the Waterloo Arts Fest.





Cool Cleveland correspondent Sarah Valek studied art and writing at Ithaca College. After graduation, she came back to Cle and served two years as an AmeriCorps*VISTA with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless. She can be found on all sides of the city in pursuit of homeschooling activities for her son and the perfect soy latte. Contact her at or via Twitter.




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