Bent Crayon Records


If you haven’t visited Bent Crayon Records lately, you should stop in. The store, which boasts that it carries “important records,” earned a reputation back in the ’90s for proudly (and somewhat snobbishly) carrying mostly records so obscure that the ordinary music lover never heard of them.

The store has moved from its former location on the corner of Detroit and W. 110th to a cozy, plant-bedecked niche in the back of the second floor of 78th Street Studios and become much friendlier. There it carries a larger and wider range of indie music than it used to, on both CD and vinyl. While you’ll still find the most arcane electronic music — always a Bent Crayon specialty — you’ll also run across names known to every self-respecting indie rocker, such as Pavement, Sonic Youth, the Shins and Elliot Smith.

 They’re open every day but Monday from 11am-6pm.

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