Mud Pies and Ice Cream

Tuesdays @ 11AM

Mud pies and ice cream. Add a little lemonade, some hot weather and you’ve got yourself a definitive summer day. Every Tuesday through Tue 8/30/11 the Cleveland Botanical Garden is offering just that: mudpies and ice cream. (Find your own lemonade.) Bring children and relax. Mud pies in the morning; ice cream in the afternoon.

Read on: “Here’s a fun Tuesday outing for the littlest Garden visitors. Drop in to Hershey Children’s Garden to find everything your child needs to make a make-believe masterpiece: we’re talking mud pies. Many a child’s first introduction to the wonders of Hershey Children’s Garden — a diminutive wonderland for kids — has been through the artful arrangement of decorations on a plate of well, mud! Wonderful things ensue when kids are then left to their own devices to explore the Garden’s pond, tree house, maze, water pumps, and wonderful plantings.

“But wait — there’s more. We’ll be offering ice cream on Tuesday afternoons on the Geis Terrace. After making a pretend-pie, reward creativity with a frozen treat. Of course, non-mud pie-making adults — with or without kids — are welcome to have at the ice cream as well!”

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