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In this week’s issue:
* Cool Cleveland Interview with Akron Beacon Journal columnist and Devo biographer David Giffels
* Downtown Living Cool Cleveland’s latest party on 7/29 is now accepting registrations here
* Cav’s Corner with fashion photographer and Tower Press artist Georgio Sabino
* Cool Cleveland Commentary on a Fab Five makeover for Cleveland by Bob Rhubart

Cool Cleveland Interview: David Giffels

David Giffels is an Akron native and co-author of the entertaining Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! and Wheels of Fortune: The Story of Rubber in Akron. Earlier this year David snapped up first place for the 2004 Ohio Associated Press award in Broadcast Writing. This practical and insightful journalist is an Akron Beacon Journal columnist (here), but he’s also shown versatility as a writer on MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. David also contributes as a comentator for WKSU 89.7FM.

Cool Cleveland: At one time, Akron, Cleveland and Detroit were centers for innovation, industry and technology, sort of like the Silicon Valley of the early 1900’s. Do you see Akron’s historical technological competitiveness being leveraged in today’s world economy? What happened?

David Giffels: I’m gonna steal a little from you. When I wrote Wheels of Fortune, I said that Akron was the Silicon Valley of its day; not only were the big industries settled in one place, they also became a magnet for other entrepreneurs. After about 20 years, they weeded each other out, and it became this monolith of industrial headquarters and manufacturing, and eventually, everyone became very complacent. By the post-war years, it wasn’t necessary to invent anything new, since everything was already in place. And when that crumbled, no one had a model except for giant headquarters, a place where you would get a job in a factory that would pay really well. No one could come up with a creative way to make a living since that was all anyone knew. But what I saw with my peers at Akron University in the ’80s was this intense creativity; people writing about the industrial landscape, painting it and creating magazines. A lot of people look at this region as raw material for the future. I see potential right now for a creative approach, where we are not worrying about Akron’s past and moving forward, and the deck is ready for someone to come in with their innovation. Akron has this world class polymer facility at the University, and Kent has this liquid-crystal facility, and they should be working together, but we haven’t figured out how to throw a net over it, keeping this really important intellectual base to retain these people in town after they graduate.

What’s wrong with Northeast Ohio? Why can’t we seem to catch up to the changing world?
A lot of it is old-school mindset that even young people who grow up here have, including me. There are all these echoes that you pick up when you grow up here, and you begin to believe certain stereotypes about yourself; and I’ve said many times that we have an inferiority complex. I look at it and it’s basically an insult to myself. I’m sure I could have made a life somewhere else, so have I settled for second rate? And that’s not true. I have a 4-minute commute, I have a house I could never afford in other markets, and I have things that I would struggle to get in other places. Plus, our thrift stores here rule…
Read the Cool Cleveland Interview with David Giffels here

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Cleveland’s first SK8 park Last Wednesday, Mayor Jane Campbell, City Councilman Joe Cimperman and Natalie Ronayne, the city’s Director of Parks, Recreation and Properties, finally made good on their promise to construct a skate park for skateboarders and inline skaters in the city of Cleveland with the ramps they purchased from last year’s Gravity Games. When they heard the Gravity Games had the ramps available at the reasonable cost of $35,000, the administration moved quickly to gain the approval from City Council to secure the ramps and figure the rest out later. The normal Cleveland process would have been to study the situation, costing more money, and then deciding that it either wasn’t feasible, or deciding too late to take advantage of the opportunity. But they did it right this time, and now, finally, they’ve installed the park (the administration’s press release repeatedly calls it the city’s “first” SK8 park, suggesting that we may see more…) right behind the Rock Hall on East Ninth Street. With fencing by Cleveland artist Raymond Bugelski, water fountains, bike racks and emergency 911 speakerphones, the SK8 park is an essential ingredient in making Downtown more liveable and cool. Congrats to Campbell, Cimperman, and all of City Council for finding the total cost of $311,402 to buy and install what we hope will be the first of many SK8 parks and participative sports facilities throughout Cleveland. Unfortunately, the press release is not on the city’s web site, and with an average of only one press release every three days, the Campbell administration doesn’t seem to be taking advantage of getting the word out on great accomplishments such as this awesome SK8 park. See the Mayor’s press releases here.

Art volunteering is sexy! Cleveland’s arts facilitators and organizers for special events in the art scene are looking for volunteers to help with exciting programs happening this summer. Find out how you can hook up, network, meet creative people, have fun and get plugged into the cool things happening in our great city. Events include Cool Cleveland parties, Sparx In The City events, and other exhilarating arts-oriented ventures. If you would like to help out, contact: Deby Cowdin at Vivid Art Gallery at 241-7624. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Walk to Coventry…from the Hampshire Condominiums on Hampshire Road in Cleveland Heights. This gorgeous, updated building features 1 and 2 bedroom units with central air, refinished hardwood floors, fresh paint, new carpet in the bedrooms, updated kitchens, shared patio with grill, and parking. Located in the heart of Coventry Village, you’ll be able to walk to shopping, restaurants and amenities. Catch a show at the Grog Shop, have breakfast at Tommy’s, dine at Pacific East – you name it, and it’s close by. Act fast – two units are already sold! 1 bedroom priced at $79,900, 2 bedrooms priced at $134,900. Catch the open house this Sun 7/11 from 2-4PM at 2759 Hampshire (west of Coventry). For a complete list of properties and open houses this weekend, please visit
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Plain Press now online One of the truly independent journalistic voices in all of Cleveland, the Plain Press, emanating from the Near West Side neighborhood, has teamed up with Neighborhood Link to offer their weekly paper free online. They have been covering the Detroit Shoreway, Tremont, Cudell, Edgewater, West Boulevard, Stockyards, Brooklyn Centre, Clark Fulton, and Ohio City neighborhoods since 1971, focusing on neighborhood issues, new development education, health care, community development, employment, and the arts. You can also pick up the print version of the Plain Press for free at over 500 locations on the west side.

Passenger rail festival & party Are you interested in seeing more people riding light rail in Ohio? You may want to join the Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers at their Train Festival 2004 from Fri 7/30 thru 8/1 in Uhrichsville, Ohio at the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, near New Philadelphia, South of Canton. In addition to Festival activities such as eight operating passenger trains, several dozen pieces of railroad equipment on display (rare passenger coaches, miniature and model trains), and a railroad flea market, the OARP is also hosting a Summer Meeting & Family Outing from 9:30AM-noon on Sat 7/31, where you can learn about advocacy efforts to increase passenger rail in Ohio, get an update on what the Ohio Rail Development Commission and the Ohio & Lake Erie Regional Rail-Cleveland Hub are doing, and offer your own input on the State of Ohio’s draft Access Ohio transportation plan, which includes ideas for increased passenger rail.

Strike against privacy In a bizarrely narrow decision, the First Court of Appeals in Massachusetts ruled that a website and e-mail service provider did not violate the Wiretap Act, even though he surreptitiously copied and read the e-mail messages of customers who used his e-mail services. Branford Councilman ran a rare and out-of-print book site and offered e-mail accounts through his site. He would intercept messages to his customers from competitors such as so he could find out what his customers were looking for, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. But since he didn’t block the e-mail from reaching his customers, and since the mail passed through his hard drive storage, the court ruled that he didn’t interfere with messages “in transit.” See Wired

Librarians for intellectual freedom This website spells out readers’ intellectual freedom as expressed by the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statements. In an age where your personal information is collected, it’s important to know that your library reading habits should not be monitored by the government.

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G’day Mate Join the Zookeepers’ Circle today and as a Zoo VIP, you’ll receive an invitation to visit the Zoo’s favorite attraction – Australian Adventure. This adults-only event will let you explore the Outback and get up close and personal with a wild array of kangaroos, wallabies and koalas; you can even take a ride on the Boomerang Line. As a ZooKeepers’ Circle member, your gift will help support more than 50 local and international conservation and research programs; and give you VIP access to other member events throughout the year. Join now and get an exclusive tour of Australian Adventure on Tue 7/20 complete with great food and refreshments. Click here for more information on how you can become a Zoo VIP today!
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Museum gets creative Never before in its 88-year history has the Cleveland Museum of Art gone after this much state and federal money. Usually tapping private, foundation and corporate sources, the CMA has recently been seeking creative financing for their expected $225-300 million Rafael Vignoly renovation (“a dramatic makeover”) that would almost double the size of the Museum. Pointing out that Museum visitors generate over $21 million per year in economic stimulus to our region, they are asking the State for $25 million over four years. They are also looking for $2 million from the Feds for educational programs and $9 million over three years from the Federal Highway Administration for help in building an “intermodal” parking garage that would also house bikes and public transportation. See Plain Dealer here.

Cleve ranks high in arts Americans for the Arts released its first national Creative Industries Study, which finds that creative industry businesses, both nonprofit and for-profit, make up 4.3% of all U.S. businesses, and they employ 2.2% of all employees. See Americans For The Arts study here. In related news, The United States Conference of Mayors unanimously adopted policy resolutions in support of the arts, including the creative industries data on June 28, 2004 in Boston. See what they agreed to here.

Angle Magazine: Second Annual Literary Issue fulfills your poetry desires with an image rich issue. Read appreciable poetry by Kent resident and writer Maj Ragain, whose reflective eulogy to Daniel Thompson Up The Stairs I Rise to Wake the Moon was read at Daniel’s funeral. Then check out the sobering The Punishment and Salvation of Wild Women by Rita Grabowski. Philip Metres, Assistant Professor at John Carroll University offers his instructional and sparing American Poetry poem; these are just a sampling of our areas brightest writers. This month’s issue is supplemented with the delicately surreal and lush art of Thomas Frontini; find Angle at alternatively cool places or get your own subscription A Cool Cleveland partner

Akron’s “Youth Movement” Let’s not call it a brain drain. And “brain gain” sounds a little too pollyanna. “Youth Movement” is the official tag, soon to be accompanied by a logo (Akron’s Downtown already has a motto: “So Much, So Close”), and Akron Beacon Journal columnist David Giffels is serious about investigating how we can stop more of his young friends from leaving the region. The piece captures the dichotomy of a cool region unable to sell itself, and is filled with quotes from consultant Rebecca Ryan and Cool Cleveland’s Thomas Mulready, and is backed up with the kind of historical references one might expect from Giffels, who has written history books on both the city of Akron and the band Devo. See ABJ here. Also, if you haven’t already done so, see the Cool Cleveland Interview with David Giffels here.

Parade live on the Internet There are few towns as wireless as Cleveland, with huge areas like the Case campus offering free WiFi connectivity to anyone, but only a small town could pull off something like this: a Fourth of July Parade on the web. Roving reporters with laptops attached to video cameras connected wirelessly to the web, will be projecting live video feeds through wireless nodes to a high-speed backbone in Ashland, Oregon. Go to the web site, click on a still photo, and you’ll be connected to a live webcam from that location, as long as you have broadband and Quicktime 6 installed. Using stuff you can get at Circuit City, soon anyone will be able to broadcast to the web in what they’re calling “Community Event Embedded Reporting,” which is the result of a partnership between Apple Computer, Ashland Fiber Network, and Project A; its President and CEO Jim Treece offered, “People ask us why we are doing this. We have two reasons. One, because it’s cool. Two, because we like to show the future, today.” Sounds a lot like Cleveland.

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It’s a Cultural Thing There will be plenty of family-friendly entertainment and festivities as The Cleveland Museum of Natural History hosts their two-day African Cultural Festival. This event, which is held in conjunction with the exhibition Senenkunya: Many Voices, One Family, begins Sat 7/17 from 10AM-5PM and Sun 7/18 from Noon-5PM. On Saturday, featured performers include The Senegalese National Dance Association of Ohio and the Caribean influenced Ras T. Dubflex musical group. Sunday will feature two performances by Sista Jewel and her African Soul Dance Company, which highlights drummers, stilt walkers and dancers. There will be craft activities, authentic African food and much more. The Festival activities are free with Museum admission. For a complete schedule of events and artists please call 216-231-1177 or 800-317-9155 x3279. Find out and discover the nature of your universe at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 1 Wade Oval Drive, 231-4600.
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Dictionarians’ fave words for 2004 Merriam-Webster has announced the winners in their poll for the Ten Favorite Words for 2004: defenestration, serendipity, onomatopoeia, discombobulate, plethora, callipygian, juxtapose, persnickety, kerfuffle and flibbertigibbet. Huh?!

Ocasio tribute concert When he passed unexpectedly a few months ago, the musical world and the greater community in Cleveland lost one of their best. Now his fellow musicians are hosting a proper send-off, honoring Roberto Ocasio’s memory. Proceeds of the event will benefit the Roberto Ocasio Foundation providing education, scholarships and entertainment to a diverse community. This weekend, catch the Roberto Ocasio Tribute Concert on Sat 7/10 at 9PM at the Odeon Concert Club, 1295 Old River Road in the Flats. For more info, call 241-5555, or 330-945-9400, and for tix, visit On stage will be Horns ‘n Things, Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band, Colin Dussault Blues Project, the Rebecca Sweet Dancers, The Aphrodisiatics, Con Junto Carnavale, Dream Time, Swinging 40’s Skatch Anderrsen Orchestra, and of course, Roberto Ocasio’s Latin Jazz Project, who continue the legacy in Roberto’s name to great demand and critical acclaim.

Artists lead redevelopment It’s not surprising that artists stimulate the economic renaissance of neighborhoods in New York City and around the world; what’s shocking is how fast it happened to the DUMBO neighborhood of NYC (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), where artists and theatres who moved in less than 10 years ago are being displaced by million-dollar condos. See New York Times here.

Downloaded music to be charted Move over, Billboard. Starting 9/1, The Official Chart Company will start tracking the sales of downloaded music via increasingly popular sites run by HMV, Microsoft and the BBC. The most popular track downloaded last week? Bam Thwok by The Pixies, which was the number one tune downloaded from the brand-new British iTunes site. Also, T-Mobile announced five new stereo “ear phones” that download and play music via mobile phones. See The Guardian here.

Got language? Fluency in two languages might protect against age-related cognitive decline, says a study in the June issue of Psychology and Aging.

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Queen Me Great Lakes Theater Festival welcomes Queen Elizabeth I to the Theater District this summer…and you’re invited to ride shotgun, by bidding for a ride with her on eBay! A new feature of GLTF’s 2004 season, is a nightly, outdoor event on Euclid Avenue just outside the Ohio Theatre called, The Queen’s Arrival, that commences one half-hour before each Summer Repertory performance of The Taming of the Shrew and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged); performances begin Fri 7/16 and run through Sun 8/22. Winning bidders and their guest will be escorted to the Queen’s private carriage and will cruise Downtown Cleveland before disembarking at the theatre in time for the show. Come Downtown and join Shakespeare’s Great Company. For more info, please visit:
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Corrections This year’s annual All City Musical was co-presented by the Cleveland Municipal School District, Playhouse Square Center and Great Lakes Theater Festival. For more than twenty years, the Cleveland Municipal School District and Great Lakes Theater Festival have collaborated to bring classic theater to life for tens of thousands of students and educators throughout the city. For the fourth year in a row, this collaboration continued and deepened in partnership with Playhouse Square Center as Cleveland students, their teachers and artists and artisans from Great Lakes Theater Festival worked together – both on stage and behind the scenes – to create the All City Musical on the stage of the Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square.

Summertime Downtown party Summer is the best time to party in Cleveland. So mark your calendar for Cool Cleveland’s next Art/Tech/Dance event from 4-8PM on Thu 7/29 in Downtown Cleveland’s Warehouse District. The location is the Bingham Building, where they’ve built 350 apartments (!) and, get this: a grocery store! We’ll party right inside this magnificent Walker & Weeks building, and get you in on the ground floor of some big time Downtown Living, including open bar, snacks, and a tour of the sweet new units, plus a free after-party at SPY Bar. Enter the date in your Palm Pilot, and pass the word: July 29 is gonna rock. Register in advance online and save 50%!
Click here:

Cool Cleveland This Week


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The Mikado Lyric Opera Cleveland invites you to re-discover the beauty and biting satire of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most performed production; this historic play was originally staged at the Savoy Theatre in London in 1885 and now you can see it Cleveland-style. Bring a picnic basket, bottle of wine and a few friends to dine under the stars on the Play House lawn. Wed 7/7 at 7PM. Call 685-5976, 795-7000, Drury Theatre, Cleveland Play House, East 85th and Euclid Ave.

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Tomorrow’s Classical Superstars…will be performing at the Cleveland Institute of Music’s summer program, ENCORE School for Strings in Hudson at Western Reserve Academy. Now in its 20th year, ENCORE features gifted students from 35 states and 11 countries. The results of this musical collaboration between CIM’s distinguished faculty and students, culminates with free recitals this Thu 7/8 and continuing every week throughout July; plus, don’t miss special 20th anniversary concerts featuring illustrious CIM alumni. For a complete listing of concerts and events, please call 216-791-5000; or visit CIM is a leading international conservatory and economic force in Cleveland; they present hundreds of concerts, most free of change, to well over 40,000 people per year.
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Summer Gig Stop in after work for Cleveland International Program’s fundraiser; forget about cooking and load up on hors d’ouevers, pick up 2 drink tickets and find out about their host family living as well as cultural and educational experiences. This group is building positive perceptions of Cleveland for our city’s international visitors, enhancing local understanding of different cultures, customs, business and social practices while strengthening local communities and organizations through international exchange of professionals. Join them Thu 7/8 from 6-10PM. Call 566-1906. The Blind Pig Speakeasy, 1228 W. 6th St. or visit

Twelfth Night A carnival spirit presides over this Shakespearian comedy with its distinctive disguises, delusions of grandeur, tangled love triangles and outlandish revelations. Sit down to a pre-show outdoor picnic where you can pack your own or order from Stan Hywet’s cafe, then stretch out in a swank, nouveau Victorian atmosphere Thu 7/8 thru Sun 7/11 at 8PM. Call 330-836-5533. Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, 714 N. Portage Path in Akron.

Party in the Heights with Cedar Hill Summer is underway in Coventry with their evening entertainment series located “Under the Arch” – get comfortable after work, ditch your cell phone and enjoy early evening music, community and neighborhood networking along with entertainment by the local sounds of Cedar Hill. With mandolin, upright bass and resonator slide guitar, it’s a contemporary bluegrass fusion Thu 7/8 at 7PM. The corner of Euclid Hts Blvd and Coventry Rd.

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Check it Out Now With the support of The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland, the metropolis known as Downtown Cleveland has come alive with street performers for the past five weekends. And with 11 more weekends left Sparx in the City features the acclaimed Cleveland vocal quartet, The Hue People. This melodious quartet of vocal stylists features a repertoire which ranges from a capella to jazz. Their world-styled African rhythms and simple percussion have met with warm public receptions and can be found this Fri 7/10 from 11AM-2PM in front of Vivo at 347 Euclid, Friday evening at 7 PM in front of Johnny’s Downtown at 1406 W. 6th, and Sat 7/11 after 7PM in front of Blue Pointe Grille at 700 W. St. Clair.
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Cain Park Arts Festival The venue will be spilling over with 160 artists in a nationally recognized, juried fine art show along with quantities of music, activities and pleasurable events Fri 7/9 from 11AM-8PM thru Sun 7/11 at noon. Entrance to the festival is free. Call 371-3000. Located at Superior At Lee Rd in Cleveland Hts.

Tibetan Buddhist monks: Dzindu Monastery A variety of activities are planned during the monks’ visit, you can partake in sand Mandala painting with colored sand, spiritual public talks and teachings on various Buddhist topics, sacred traditional temple chants and music. Lectures begin Fri 7/9 at 7PM. On Sun 7/11 at 2PM construction of the sand Mandala begins, and the dismantling (something which needs to be seen to be believed), is scheduled for Sat 7/17 from 10AM-4PM. Visitors are welcome to stop by and view the progress during the week-long creation process. Sponsored by The Ohio Metaphysical Society. Unity Chapel of Light, 503 Northwest Ave. in Tallmadge. To learn more about the monks from Dzindu Monastery, visit for viewing times of events, visit

Warehouse District Kickoff Party @ Fusion hosted by CCYD, Joe Cimperman and the electeds of Ward 13; it’s a free event for anyone who wants to come by and chill after work. Max out on complimentary eats, beer and wine; voter info packets will be passed out and you can register to vote. Expect fun with the democrats, if that’s not a total oxymoron. Fusion is closing the bar down to make way for this political fete Fri 7/9 from 5-7PM. For info call CCYD at 226-7817. Fusion, 1212 West 6th. or email

WCLVnotes The annual Cain Park Arts Festival takes place this coming weekend, and WCLV 104.9 will be there with live reports on the activities twice an hour beginning at 2PM on Fri 7/9 and at 11AM on Sat 7/10. Stop by and say hello to your favorite WCLV personalities – Jacqueline Gerber, Bill O’Connell, Mark Satola, Bill Rudman and Robert Conrad. Looking forward, WCLV will present two Encore Live broadcasts from the Encore School for Strings in Hudson. These live concerts, sponsored by AudioTechnica U.S. and featuring students and faculty, will be heard on Sun 7/18 at 2PM and on Thu 7/22 at 8PM. a Cool Cleveland partner

Roberto Ocasio Tribute Concert Jazz luminaries will congregate for one evening of amplified sound and energy to benefit Robert Ocasio’s Foundation; lineup includes Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band, Colin Dussault Blues Project, Rebecca Sweet Dancers, jazz fusion funk from The Aphrodisiatics, Con Junto Carnavale and the exceptional sounds of Roberto Ocasio’s Latin Jazz Project. The Roberto Ocasio Foundation provides education, scholarships and entertainment to a diverse community which enforces cultural inclusivity; be part of it Sat 7/10 at 9PM. Get tix in advance at 241-5555. Odeon Concert Club, 1295 Old River Rd.

Festival of the Lagoons Wander through a 450 acre nature preserve with guided nature walks, kayak and U.S. Navy watercraft rides, and while you’re there, see dozens of juried fine artists selling artwork, take in informational maritime trivia, select a portable snack for lunch, and listen in on live music Sat 7/10 from 11AM-9PM. Call 440-974-5720. Mentor Lagoons Preserve and Marina, 8365 Harbor Dr. in Mentor.

Steve Gerrard of Bedrock, Wrecked Angle, Filta, UK We’re psyched about Part 5 of the 2004 Headrush Music Summer Series; Gerrard hails from Birmingham, U.K. and his surprising blend of house and breaks has won him accolades from around the globe. He’s out to support his first compilation titled Thinking Out Loud, a double CD with a tracklist that reflects a travelogue of musical messages that breaks down barriers. He’s spinned from London to Moscow; don’t miss the man who rocked 93,000 heads at Wembley Stadium. Hear him locally Sat 7/10 from 9PM-4AM. Abasso Underground Lounge, 1222 Prospect Ave. inside Bottoms Up.

Son Frere His Brother is a French film about a young man with a terminal illness who asks his estranged and homosexual brother (whose behavior he does not approve of) to care for him. The two men return to their childhood home where they forge a new bond in the shadow of death. It’s stark, graphic, uncompromising and unforgettable; not for the emotionally challenged! The New York Times calls it “Almost unbearably moving…” Sun 7/11 at 9:10PM. Call 421-7450. Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, 11141 East Blvd.

Heritage Anniversary @ Lake View Cemetery Romantic and historic Lake View Cemetery celebrates its 135th year; bring the family into a sculptural world with 285 acres of discoveries in architecture, geology, sculpture and horticulture. The grounds provide a veritable who’s who of Cleveland history, and you can see the cemetery in grand style with a leisurely carriage ride around the magnificent Garfield Monument or the elegant Wade Chapel. Bring your own picnic or purchase grilled hot dogs and Lake View Root Beer Sun 7/11 from Noon-5PM. Entertainment includes Blue Lunch at 1PM, and The Singing Angels at 4PM. Call 421-2687. Entrance to Lake View at 12316 Euclid Ave or Cleveland Hts entrance at Mayfield and Kenilworth Rd.

The Blood Brothers, Kill Me Tomorrow, and The Chromatics World-wide media outlets are raving about this new sound; check out The Blood Brothers who’ve toured with AFI and The Used, and now they’re currently touring across the U.S. to support their latest CD, Burn Piano Island, Burn. It’s one of the most grating releases of the year in a heated fusion of punk, noise, art and rock with songs laden in lyrical abstracts; the show hits Tue 7/13 at 8PM. Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Hts Blvd in Cleveland Hts.

Motive for Murder: The Castaway Killings The Goodtime III presents an off the wall interactive murder mystery; get on board and watch your back as you partake in a homicidal exploit that tests your nerves and perceptions Tue 7/13. Boarding starts at 6PM, for tickets and info call 861-5110. Located at Cleveland’s North Coast Inner Harbor at East 9th St. Pier, next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center. Visit the website at

Content strategy event Powerful, traffic-driving, cash-churning content is definitely a competitive advantage in the current online marketplace. Harness its power by having a content strategy plan that can mean the difference between just barely making it and thriving online. Topics include: higher rankings in search engines, more traffic and share of the market, and higher conversion rates Tue 7/13 at 11AM. Panelists are Rocky Lewis, Vice President and co-founder of and John Westropp, Managing Editor, Electronic Media, of Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Contact the Web Association at 373-0078. Windows on the River, 2000 Sycamore on the west bank of the Flats. or visit

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EMarketing Strategy by Optiem Need to connect your traditional sales and marketing efforts with the online marketing world? Our team has extensive Business To Business, Business To Consumer and interactive marketing experience, coupled with a strong technology foundation. We can integrate your advertising, direct mail, PR, tradeshow activities, and collateral with your Website, email marketing, search engine, and interactive advertising messages in ways that turn fresh prospects into loyal customers. To learn more about Optiem’s interactive marketing solutions, contact Optiem at Optiem. Fuel For Bright Companies.
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Imagination: A Writers’ Workshop Get your writing skills sharpened and tap into strong, imaginative writing, from minimal to magical realism, from new journalism to science fiction, from poetry to memoir to the novel and playwriting. It includes classes and workshops without genre bias or boundaries, courses about distinctive creative writing. On Tue 7/13 for-credit workshops begin 1-4PM, non-credited workshops begin 7PM. On Wed 7/14 lectures and discussions begin 9AM. Lecures and workshops begin Thu 7/15 at 11AM and Fri 7/16; morning workshops are open to all walk-ins. The Business of Writing Colloquium kicks off Sat 7/17 at 9AM with editor and film critic Amy Sparks of Angle Magazine and founding editor and publisher Daniel Gray Kontar of Urban Dialect. Event culminates Sun 7/18 with workshops and complimentary lunch. Call 687-2532 to register and obtain detailed schedule of events. Mather Mansion, 2605 Euclid Ave. and email

Cleveland Contemporary Dance Theatre Under the artistic direction of Michael Medcalf who shares the stage with Germaul Barnes of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and Peter Kalivas of the Sean Curran Company lift off in their Cain Park debut. They’ll also collaborate with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra pumping out caliente swing on Brasilliance, set to the music of Duke Ellington Wed 7/14 at 8PM. Evans Ampitheater at Cain Park. Call 371-3000.

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I Have Now Found You Only love can transcend boundaries, cross over the lines that hold us back, and give us a glimmer of hope. Discover the award-winning and uplifting musical of an American solider who falls in love with a South Vietnamese woman, and will go to the ends of the earth to find her again. Among the cast will be singer/songwriter Connor O’Brien. Since releasing his second recording Soliloquy, in November 2002, Connor has appeared on the cover of Scene Magazine and toured with Huey Lewis and Mariah Carey. The Beck Center will begin their production of Miss Saigon on Fri 7/16 at 8PM and showing on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday matinees – the show will run through 8/15…please call for details and ticket information. The Beck Center for the Arts, 521-2540, 17801 Detroit Ave in Lakewood.
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Cav’s Corner: Interview: Georgio Sabino

Cavana Faithwalker talks with fast moving and emerging artist Georgio Sabino, who recently was featured in X-Africa: The African American Experience exhibit of works at the Cleveland State University Art Gallery. He’s also a fashion photographer living and creating in the artist live/work space in the experimental Tower Press Building, where rent subsidies are available to artists who pass a juried review process.

I caught up with Georgio who is a ground floor tenant. His studio is small but exceedingly spacious, with a room divider that separates his sleeping quarters from the rest of the studio. Inside, paintings and fashion design illustrations covered every inch of wall space, and this creative disarray gave the studio an exotic quality found in movies like “Casablanca” or “Girl with the Pearl Earring.” Behind the Japanese screen-like dividers, the bedroom area was absolutely hit; apparent clothing designs in various modes of completion cast among sheets and bolts of material, drawings and sketches formed an intertwining pyramid. Light flooded in from the outside, toasting the air in my mind’s version of this reality as I sat at a small table.

Cavana Faithwalker: How long have you been here and how did ya get in?
Georgio Sabino: Since June 2003 all the artists got juried to be here and “they” got a grant for this to happen; it’s all artists which is a wonderful thing: painting, sculpture, fashion design, filmmaking and other arts.

From what I understand it’s subsidized but still very costly, since rents run from $625 for 600 square feet to $2200 for about 1,950 square feet
It’s expensive but it’s downtown, exposed brick, T-1 enabled, high ceilings, lots of light. You have that lifestyle you wished for, so it’s not bad.

Have your thoughts turned to how to work with the business community. How to work with the Small Business Association. To get a model of how they make money.
The Mayor’s office is really accessible, and people like Joe Cimperman are available all the time. I go to COSE and I go to the Foundation Center. At COSE the conversation has been entrepreneurship in the arts. Stuff like how to write a business plan, what is the environment like, what would your niche be. I had an MBA workin’ for me to make sure we got positioned correctly for monies that were available at one time; trying to find grants, trying to write grants and looking for fellowships.

How do you see the arts scene here is Cleveland?
We are trying to develop a collecting public that will support the arts. My thought is, “Quit buying Monets unless you’re buying the original.” Why spend X amount of dollars on art work that is highly inflated? I mean, a lot of times you get a decent frame but you could own some really sensational local art by living artists. And not just Cleveland; in my opinion, we have regional and national artists as good as any you care to mention.
Read Cav’s Corner with Georgio Sabino here.

Fabulous Revitalization Plan
by Cool Cleveland contributor Bob Rhubart

If television teaches us anything, it’s that at moments of personal crisis, when our self-esteem tanks out, when our self confidence departs like air from a punctured balloon, when things have just gone pitifully, painfully stale, one should do whatever – or whoever – is necessary to land a spot on a TV makeover program. Given a general budget crisis, a school budget crisis, dysfunctional city government, disappointing sports teams and a faltering local economy, we’d make an excellent makeover candidate. The question is, which makeover program is the best choice? Trading Spaces won’t work. A bold new color scheme, some throw pillows, a couple of lamps, and some houseplants ain’t gonna cut it. Besides, we might get Pittsburgh as a trading partner, and that’s just asking for trouble. We could end up with Steelers wallpaper and coffee table made from Iron City cans. And they’ll get cute, of course, and move the sofa and refrigerator out to the porch, and fill the closet with leisure suits. And then we’ll have to wait for them in the parking lot and explain things. Even worse, we could end up with Detroit. Besides, “Trading Spaces” is just redecorating. Redecoration doesn’t get us to revitalization.

Maybe we should try Extreme Makeover or The Swan. Imagine what a small army of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, make-up artists, grooming consultants, stylists, fashion experts, and personal trainers could do for Cleveland’s sagging sense of self-worth – not to mention those little fleshy sandwich bags under our upper arms. Just a few short weeks of sucking meals through a straw while wrapped head-to-toe in gauze, and we’ll be ready for that moment when the bandages come off, the designer frock goes on, and the once ugly duckling looks for the first time in weeks into a full length mirror and exclaims, “Yo! Check out the rack!”…
Read Fabulous Revitalization Plan by Bob Rhubart here.

Instant Karma
Quik reviews of recent events
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The Lakewood Project @ Lakewood Park 7/3
Formed in 2002, the revolutionary Lakewood Project performed before possibly its largest crowd of an estimated 3000-5000 at the Lakewood Park bandshell in an incredible 2 1/2 hour concert for an appreciative and enthusiastic audience ostensibly arriving early for the fireworks. Music Director Beth Hankins has succeeded in injecting the energy and excitement and passion of rock and roll into a traditionally staid high school orchestra program. Featuring eight electric Viper violins and cellos, custom-designed by Trans-Siberia Orchestra leader Mark Wood, along with rock drums, electric bass and guitar, synthesizer, plus a full string orchestra section, the huge ensemble floats like a flutterbye and stings like a snake on a repertoire that whipsaws from The Who’s Tommy to Vivaldi’s Winter…
Read the review of The Lakewood Project and view photos here

Miami String Quartet @ Kent State’s Ludwig Recital Hall 6/30

When Blossom Music Center opened in 1968, a partnership with Kent State University was also formed. Students would gain training in the visual and performing arts through variously configured programs. Kent/Blossom Music is the oldest of these collaborations, having just begun its 37th season.

Wednesday summertime evenings in Ludwig Recital Hall on the Kent campus boast a variety of musical ensembles. Based on opening night, these programs should definitely be added to the schedule of chamber music devotées in Northeast Ohio. It should be explained that there is a mixture of subscription and free concerts, many of them featuring musicians from the Cleveland Orchestra, as well as students in the music program. An added musical treat is the presence of the Miami String Quartet, new faculty artists-in-residence at KSU…
Read the review by Cool Cleveland contributor Kelly Ferjutz here

Yr Turn
Cool Cleveland readers write

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On the Cool Cleveland Interview of Barbara Byrd-Bennett Thank you for the excellent Barbara Byrd-Bennett interview. It renews my faith in this outstanding leader. She truly has a vision. She truly understands the place of Cleveland in the region. It is a shame that other regional leaders cannot (will not?) see and respond to this crisis. We must understand that the region dies if Cleveland dies. No suburb is strong enough to sustain the regional infrastructure. We are blessed with Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s presence in Cleveland. Thank you.
from Cool Cleveland reader Larry Kendra

On the Spencer Tunick installation Great to read about the experiences of Clevelanders (?) at Spencer’s installation last weekend. As one of the 4300 who posed in Melbourne, Australia in October 2001, I can relate to being nude in the cold for a long period of time, and of how the feelings, excitement and sheer exhilaration of taking part certainly overcome concerns about the temperature or being naked in public. In fact, I think being naked with that many other naked people, means you very quickly forget “nakedness” as an issue, but develop an awareness of the differences and similarities between “people”. One thing that Spencer’s work does demonstrate is that regardless of our differences, we are all part of a common humanity, with many more similarities than differences. Perhaps the world would learn a few of these lessons if Spencer could organise compulsory participation in such an installation for all Official delegates to the United Nations.
from Australian Cool Cleveland reader Rob Stephenson

On the Spencer Tunick installation Just thought you’d like to know that there was more than just one person who lost their clothes during the Spencer Tunick installation. Fortunately I found mine! 🙂 After the women only photo was taken, my friend and I headed back to the spot where we had disrobed. But amidst the crowd of naked women, and still clothed men, we could not find our clothes! When Spencer announced that it was time for the men to pose, one very generous and sympathetic man came up to us, disrobed, and handed each of us one of his sweatshirts, saying, “Here, wear these to stay warm while you are looking for your clothes. Just return my sweatshirts to this spot after you are dressed.” We were very appreciative of his kindness and respect.
from Cool Cleveland reader Peg Ehrlinger

On the Spencer Tunick installation Thanks for the great job you do with Cool Cleveland. Keeps me connected. Liked your report on Tunick’s Cleveland installation. I was there too and enjoyed the experience you describe of cold pavement turning warm as it gave back warmth to our naked skin. Also when every one dropped their clothes and marched off en masse, nude, towards E.9th I burst out laughing as at a punchline of a good joke, only this one was visual.
from Cool Cleveland reader Jean Sommer

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Top 5
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1) Spencer Tunick reviews It’s one thing to look at the photographs and videos that artist Spencer Tunick creates and displays as the outcome of his city-wide massive-scale nude installations. It’s another thing to actually set your alarm and climb out of bed at 3:30AM. Spencer Tunick Installation and Spencer Tunick Installation By Brian Asquith and Spencer Tunick Installation By Cavana Faithwalker

2) Kayaking in Cleveland? This ain’t no typo. Clevelanders are kayaking in Lake Erie this summer, and you can join them.

3) Cleveland’s Leadership ages The roster of the incoming class of Leadership Cleveland is starting to reinforce the perception that “the community is not nurturing new ideas.”

4) Barbara Byrd-Bennett is the charismatic Cleveland Municipal School District CEO, and a transplant from New York where her previous position as superintendent of the “Chancellor’s District” in NYC consisted of some of the most challenging schools in the city. Cool Cleveland Interview Barbara Byrd Bennet

5) Your Prayers Are Answered with the Brownstones at Derbyshire, a magnificent stone church being converted to luxurious townhouses.

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