Cuyahoga Libertarians Talk About Justice Reform

Wed 5/22 @ 7-9PM

In this era of government polarization, with one party having gone to extremes in both policies and its refusal to negotiate compromise, it might be unexpected to learn that the Libertarian Party — often known as the home of people on the right too kooky to be Republicans — actually finds a lot of common ground with those on the left.

Case in point: justice reform. Several months ago, the Cuyahoga Libertarians invited a speaker from Black Lives Matter Cleveland. The discussion about how much government can or should do to alleviate racism (and how much it was involved in furthering it) was spirited but the upshot was that the groups agreed that they should work together on bail reform and improving conditions at the county jail.

This month, the Cuyahoga Libertarians welcome a speaker from the other end of the political spectrum — Americans for Prosperity Ohio, the Koch-funded Tea Party folks. The discussion will center on bail reform, reducing incarceration and providing more funding for Ohio public defenders, stuff AFP actually supports in the interest of reducing government spending, for once, wisely.

The event takes place at Denny’s on West 150th off I-71, and all are welcome, regardless of political persuasion.

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