Dead Horses’ Sarah Vos Tells Her Story in Music at Peninsula’s G.A.R. Hall

Wed 3/13 @ 8PM

Dead Horses’ singer/guitarist/songwriter Sarah Vos has a fascinating back story. The daughter of a fundamentalist pastor, when she was 15, her family was kicked out of the rural Wisconsin church where he served, caused, she’s said, by her two brothers’ incipient mental illnesses. They became homeless for a time and without access to the medical care her brothers need. She herself suffered from depression and dropped out of college as she questioned her life path and moved away from the strict Biblical faith she was raised in.

But shortly after that, she met bassist Dan Wolff with whom she formed the duo Dead Horses, which also performs as a full band. Even then, her path wasn’t smooth, as the band’s name is a tribute to a friend who overdosed on heroin and two former band members left due to opioid addiction.

On the band’s third album, the spare, acoustically based My Mother the Moon, Vos tells the story of all she’s been through, reflecting the endurance and determination that allowed her to power past her traumas.

Dead Horses will be performing at Peninsula’s G.A.R. Hall. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 day of show.




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