Multimedia Coworking Space, Dream Creative Complex, Opens with Launch Party

Equipped with a podcasting, workshop, photography and videography spaces, Dream Creative Complex (23660 Miles Rd, #100 in Bedford Heights) plans to be Northeast Ohio’s largest multimedia creative coworking space, with all the equipment and tools needed to bring anyone’s next project or marketing strategy to the next level. The Dream Creative Complex (DCC) goal is to be the hub for  creative people of all backgrounds and incomes to collaborate, while having access to the necessary tools to being creative.

So, what exactly does that mean?

“The goal is to bring creatives together, foster community and collaboration with creative projects,” says TerDawn DeBow, co-founder and co-owner of DCC. “People can create, learn and work in an innovative environment, where they can essentially come in with an idea and leave with a finished project. Collaboration with other creatives is a huge advantage.”

Membership is targeted to anyone that works within the creative fields of advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, research and development, software, toys/games, TV/radio and video games.

“The idea came about when a group of creatives who specialize in different areas were in search of a safe space where we could collaborate,” says TerDawn. “We noticed that there was nothing in place to meet the true need of creative entrepreneurs. We combined our knowledge, skillset and resources to become a creative coworking space.”

Dream Complex Creative is a 3,000-square-foot multimedia creative co-working space that harnesses the knowledge and experience of brand ambassador management, marketing, artist management, video/photo editing, creative writing, public speaking, community outreach, philanthropy, graphic design workshop, educators, mentors, leadership, show production, network experience, podcasting, director, producer, nonprofit, award-winning artist, financial literacy, computer repair and event planning.

“With creative programs being removed from public schools, there is a void that needs to be filled to establish creative outlets for people of all ages, races and skill level,” TerDawn elaborates. “I’m most excited to see the idea come to life and what comes from the ideas that are birthed here.”

There are tiered membership levels associated with the creative workspace.

Memberships at DCC start at $50. This grants members access to workshops and equipment tutorials. A standard membership starts at $150 and includes a place to co-work in the space, and regularly utilize the equipment,” TerDawn says.

“The more perks you add, the more the membership price goes up,” explains TerDawn. “Perks are really creative amenities. For example, perks can be applied towards the rental of cameras needed for photo shoots or towards the use of a podcasting or a recording studio within the complex.”

Within the next year, DCC would like to establish themselves as the premier creative coworking space in the region. Their plan it to expand and open multiple locations.

“DCC caters to creatives in that someone can come in and work on their project. We have what any creative would need to work on their dream,” concludes TerDawn.

Dream Creative Complex

[Written by Kendall Embrescia-Hridel]


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