Ohio City’s Room Service to Open Second Boutique in Van Aken District

Sat 11/10

Room Service, an Ohio City destination for chic home goods, gifts and apparel is opening its second boutique on Sat 11/10 in Shaker Heights as part of the new Van Aken District (3444 Tuttle Avenue). This will mark the first expansion for the company, which opened its doors in 2007. Husband and wife team Jennie Doran and Andrew Worm are thrilled to announce the growth of their business to the east side of Cleveland.

“Ohio City is certainly our home, and it has been and continues to be an incredible experience for us,” shares Jennie. “The success we’ve built here over the last nine years has created the perfect opportunity for us to expand our shop to new customers in a new area for us. The Van Aken District is such an exciting development for the east side. They have been dedicated to creating a real community of independent and often locally owned boutiques, services, and restaurants, with a commitment to an intimate and cohesive setting. These elements are so very important for us, and have created the exact right fit for what we do.”

Shoppers can expect a similar assortment to the Ohio City boutique, where goods sourced locally, nationally and internationally come together in a spaced designed to elicit wonder and discovery. “A second location gives us a whole new palette with which to work,” expresses Andrew. “Creating beautiful and functional spaces is the driving force behind Room Service, so it’s a special opportunity to create that for a new audience.”

Room Service at Van Aken will be a 1,700 square foot space between Andrew’s Color Atelier and Manifest, across the street from the Van Aken Market Hall and BottleHouse Brewery and Beer Garden.

The Ohio City flagship location will continue to house the offices and workshop studio for both boutiques and R/S Creative, the design and art installation extension of Room Service. “We are absolutely committed to Ohio City as our home base,” says Jennie. “We’re also really excited to see how Shaker Heights molds and defines our second location. We want to become a part of the fabric of this neighborhood just as we are here in Ohio City.”

In addition to opening a second location, Worm and Doran are also expecting their first child in January. “Oh sure, it’s crazy!” Doran laughs, “but we love what we do, and the opportunity is exactly right…so we’ve chosen to embrace it all!”

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[Written by Kendall Embrescia-Hridel]

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