Harvest Bell Farm Hosts Cleveland Field: An Autumn Brunch on the Farm


Sun 10/16

On Sunday, October 16, Cleveland Field Kitchen (formerly the Agrarian Collective) and Harvest Bell Farm are pairing up for a food, farm and fun for a special experience in Geauga County: An Autumn Brunch on the Farm.

With the farm serving as an exquisite location, Chef Kelli Hanley Potts, owner of Cleveland Field Kitchen, will draw inspiration from the seasonal gifts of the farm’s bounty, complimented with wine and beer pairings. Much of the meal will be prepared over an open fire or directly in ambers and ash — hello fall!

Cleveland Field Kitchen’s pop-up gatherings are hosted in unique settings, such as Harvest Bell Farm, the perfectly beautiful location for this great fall event. Kelli will be cooking most everything on the farm or in the “field kitchen.” 

“We specialize in authentic gatherings and slow living,” says Kelli. “We are a company that believes in using top-quality, seasonal ingredients and local purveyors. Keeping things simple, rustic, delicious and approachable is our mission. The meal will be served family-style, which is a great way to share a meal with people around you that you may or may not know.”

“It encourages conversation and truly gathering together,” Kelli continues. “It’s so special when I look over my table at a pop-up and see strangers talking and laughing. Meeting new people can be such a delight! We have an amazing team of people who come together to put these gatherings together and I am very proud of the team we work with…people will not be disappointed.”

Anyone who is interested in sustainable living, appreciates humane farming practices, likes unique environments and enjoys wonderful food should come to this casual fall brunch. The overall vibe will be relaxed, celebratory, social and fun!

Harvest Bell Farm is a family-owned and -operated family farm, started in 2014.

“At Harvest Bell, we raise our animals in a humane, stress-free environment,” shares owner Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer. “They have a constant supply of fresh water and enjoy the freedom of being outside in the sunshine and eating up nature’s offerings. In addition to nature’s offerings, our animals have a steady supply of fresh non-GMO feed. We don’t use animal by-products, antibiotics or other non-natural feed additives.”

The family will be giving tours of the farm prior to the brunch, so come enjoy the fresh fall day, and learn about a small family run farm in Geauga County.

“You will get to see pasture-raised hens, turkeys, pigs, the fun ducks, goose, mini horse and mini donkey,” shares Tiffany. “Many of the products Kelli will be cooking with will come directly from the farm — farm-fresh eggs and pork products.”

“I was raised on a farm and wanted to once again own a farm and know where my food was coming from, how it was being raised and being raised in a humane way. I want all our animals to have a wonderful life while they are here with us. They truly deserve that! Having my family be a part of the farm is not only special, but fun and exciting. I am very lucky the all wanted to be a part of this journey with me. Many farms are run by families, but we are a farm that really promotes the family feel to it,” expresses Tiffany.

Doors open at noon. Tour the farm, grab a drink, hang by the fire, watch Kelli cook and soak in the fresh air. The meal will begin around 1pm. The event wraps up at 5pm, and will take place rain or shine. Tickets are $65 (per person). Be sure to wear weather appropriate clothing.

“I am driven by cooking with fresh produce, exploring the natural world for new ingredients, colors, textures, new flavors, watching my daughter explore, photography, art. I’m always seeking new inspiration and inspiration is what drives me. My ambition is to show up everyday giving my best — to my family, my friends, my business, my community. I don’t have to be an award winning chef or write cookbooks to define success. I would much rather be known for being a connector of people and a teacher — to live a happy life,” Kelli wraps up.

[Photo by knottypinephoto]

Cleveland Field Kitchen

Harvest Bell Farm

[Written by Kendall Embrescia-Hridel]


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