Elevate Gallery Presents Fluxism, Fashion and Art


Sat 10/3 @ 6:30PM

Awarded ” Best New Attraction” in Scene Magazine‘s Best of CLE edition, Elevate Gallery is choosing to focus on how to create opportunities for all of the “hidden Treasures” of Cleveland’s creative world. So just after 16 months, the gallery is hosting its first fashion show full of fluxism, art and vintage fashion.

“Our feeling is that if Cleveland is renaissancing as a city, it is imperative that the local art culture do the same thing,” says executive director and curator Jacci Hammer. “Cleveland has not seen a true movement in art for many years. There has been great neighborhood development utilizing the arts, but that is not the same thing. Most urban artists that I speak with are very frustrated with the current systems. They feel that the political strongholds are geared towards those with monetary favor.”

“Cleveland needs a fresh look to coincide with her uprising,” Jacci continues. “Wouldn’t it be nice to evolve past the droopy drawers and the ghetto, gangsta look to an urban chic that encompasses influences from black and white genres? Not to mention, the cultural garnishing of Hispanic, Asian and Europeans. Our very multi-racial event seeks to promote “Beauty from Ashes” and to change the capacity in which fashion defines the citywide image of Cleveland.”

This event will showcase Dick Russell of Tremont Gallery and Jane Joseph of the Cleveland Shop. They will put a fresh spin on classic looks. The designers of the show are Merendo Ivy and Shakeria Moreland.

“The one thing that is great about Clevelanders is the appreciation for developing individual style and character,” states Jacci. “All of the fashion artists involved in this show are prepared to work with anyone, to help build a creative wardrobe. If someone is just looking for a signature piece, Elevate Gallery will also have some great artisan vendors.”

Paintings include the works of Johnny Perkins, Walt Kearns, Sarah Galat, Audrey Galat, Ron Knerem, Laura Hayes, Mandela Bill, Michael Heasley, Eric Ortiz and Jacci Hammer. A large metal sculpture by sculptor Jerry Schmidt will be on-site, as well as evolving structure images by Anna Arnold and Mandela Bill.

The musical structure of the evening will be trendy favorite Librarian.

Elevate Gallery is dependent on donations. Hors d’oeurves will be served. Spirits and libations are available across the street at Slavic Village’s new Scorchers.

“The show on the 3rd encourages involvement from everyone who cares to be,” shares Jacci. “We utilize a large community infastructure who help us to pull off monumental projects. We’re encouraging people to wear a crazy headpiece to initiate the ‘transfer of headship.’ We welcome all peoples,  including the very young, as well as the very old. We want to put a lot of fun, laughter and loudness in our art openings.”

Elevate Gallery

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