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Beans Harvest

Sun 8/23 @ 12-5PM

Following up the wildly successful, community-buidling Spring Seed Swap held last April, Room Service Boutique (R/S) in Ohio City will present Summer Harvest Fest on Sun 8/23 from 12-5PM at the store.

“The phenomenal success of the Spring Seed Swap in April prompted us to present this follow-up event,” said Jennie Doran, owner of R/S. “The community that gathered here to celebrate and talk all manner of green things was so very supportive, active and passionate about growing food – and what that means for our families and communities. We think it makes perfect sense to check in with each other, share our experiences and the tangible fruits of our labors. ‘Show me a carrot, I’ll show you a revolution,’ right?”

Room Service is a lifestyle boutique that offers carefully selected objects to adorn bodies and homes. Designs from both regional and national makers round out an intentional, accessible collection.

“Room Service is a place where one can come to find beautifully designed, well-curated and unique gifts for both the home and your person. The real joy for us is creating a space where people feel inspired and welcome, and create a sense of discovery in finding the perfect item,” explains R/S community manager Andrew Worm.

“We think it’s all about stories…those of our products and their makers, those of our customers, and sometimes even our own!,” he says. “The boutique space is a wildly inspiring palette for us. We’re constantly creating displays and moments that we think really speak to a joyful, creative and well-lived life. Our products happily live within them.”

Anyone with a garden or an interest in gardening should attend Harvest Fest. The ethos is to bring anything you have grown and harvested to share with others and take what is offered. People are really encouraged to bring the fruits of their labors to trade and share with everyone. Even if you don’t have any veggies to share, you can learn about seed saving and meet people who are working the land in their community garden plots and backyards.
“We hope this event will continue what we started with the Seed Swap, where people were able to share their experiences with other gardeners,” says Andrew. “As important as the seeds themselves, the stories and the sense of community created was important too. We also hope that people will be inspired to maintain their gardens and make them even bigger next year!”“We want to increase people’s confidence in their ability to feed themselves and their families,” he continues. “Gardening is an incredibly empowering act, and if we can increase that feeling through this event, that is the ultimate goal. We will be sharing some of our favorite recipes and there will be all kinds of great ideas for using the season’s bounty.”
Volunteers from the Cleveland Seed Bank will be on hand to demonstrate how to collect and save seeds from this year’s harvest for replanting next spring.
“Something magical happens when you plant a seed, let it grow and save the seed for next season,” explains Chris Kennedy, co-founder of the Cleveland Seed Bank. “The plant adapts to our local climate and will return next year healthier and better suited to our region. It’s Mother Nature’s way to provide truly local food — Cleveland tomatoes and Cleveland peppers. What could be better?”

“We are intensely passionate about creating a simple and sustainable lifestyle that is filled with beauty. and we believe the natural world is the best place to start,” shares Andrew. “At the shop we offer goods that support the idea that beauty and intention is incredibly important, but we see these exact aspects in our gardens, and those of our neighbors daily. We think it is so important to share that together as a community.” 

The staff at R/S will transform the Ohio City boutique into a space where gardeners of all stripes can mingle andshare tasty bits and beautiful blooms from their gardens. For those inevitably enviable bounties of summer veggies – bring extras to swap. Additional refreshments will be provided by Room Service. The event is free to attend.

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