Celebrate Ohio’s Prairies and Springfield Bog @metro_parks


Sat 7/18 @ 6am – 12pm

Ohio is home to many prairies. Unfortunately many of them have disappeared, being taken over by farmland or urban sprawl. Yet all is not lost. Slowly, Ohio is reclaiming its natural grasslands, as can be seen in Springfield Bog.

Ohio Prairie Nursery, a producer of native seed mixes, supplied design and build services for Summit Metro Parks and “built” a prairie upon old farmland. They designed Springfield Bog as a Henslow’s sparrow habitat since the site is located in their migration flyway and, says the Nursery in a press release, “grassland bird habitat is under severe pressure globally.

“The site was seed in November 2010, with Ohio Prairie Nursery managing the site 1 year prior to seeding and 2 years after seeding. It is now managed by Metroparks Serving Summit County and is a birding and photographers hot spot.”

The Bog will be celebrating its 5th anniversary next year and is now throwing an event to celebrate the restoration and vast beauty of the area. Photographers and nature lovers in general are invited to experience the prairie and learn more about its significance with the experts from Springfield Bog and Ohio Prairie Nursery.

Bob Kehres, General Manager, will be presenting “How to Plant a Prairie” at 10am so you can reclaim some prairie land yourself.

“By using native grasses and native wildflowers in your landscape, you are helping to increase diversity and provide valuable habitat for other species of living things. Native materials reduce the need for watering, pesticides and fertilizers.

“Check out our website to learn more and discover several different species of native plants, and learn about our ‘You Plant, We Plant’ campaign. Ohio Prairie Nursery will match the total weight of all milkweed sold in 2015 and plant habitat for the Monarch Butterfly.”

Summit Metro Parks will provide coffee to the early risers. At 9 a.m. Metro Parks biologists will describe their efforts to restore the habitat, manage invasive species and reintroduce bobwhite quail.

Then, at 11pm, you can join a butterfly walk.

Get out and discover the beauty — and importance — of Ohio’s prairies.





Cool Cleveland correspondent Sarah Valek studied art and writing at Ithaca College. After graduation, she came back to Cle and served two years as an AmeriCorps*VISTA with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless. She can be found on all sides of the city in pursuit of homeschooling activities for her son and the perfect soy latte. Contact her at CoolEditor@CoolCleveland.com or via Twitter.






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