Coit Road Farmers Market

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The Coit Road Farmers Market — Cleveland’s only remaining year-round farmers market with a dedicated building — has a lot of history. That means it’s had a lot of ups and downs but with the interest in local food exploding, it’s definitely on the upswing.

Founded in 1932 as an outgrowth of a farmers cooperative, the East Cleveland shed had fallen on some hard on some hard times by the end of the 20th century, devolving into a sort of flea market. All that’s changed. It became a nonprofit in 2001, and refocused on local food. The odds-and-ends vendors have been mostly replaced with real farmers and artisan value-added food makers.

Now you’ll find veggies, baked goods, jellies, maple syrup, honey, dairy products, and pastured-raised meat instead of bootleg cassettes. Cooking demonstrations, an adjoining garden plot, and acceptance of food assistance further its mission of making quality food accessible to all in the inner city neighborhood where it’s located.

Sat 8AM-1PM year round

Wed 10AM-1PM, June through October




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