Tink Holl Asian Market

Tink Holl Asian Market is tucked off the side of a building on Payne Avenue, at the end of a short, dark and unpromising corridor. But it opens onto this bright, bustling space overflowing with Asian groceries. Shelves are filled with exotic imports, with large selections of items like herbal teas, exotic spices, and strange canned vegetables. It’s a bit light on produce, although you can find good deals. But it has copious freezer cases filled with frozen foods and plenty of seafood. It also sells odd trinkets and toys that add to the random, slightly chaotic atmosphere.


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2 Responses to “Tink Holl Asian Market”

  1. Colin Mclarty

    I’d like to know how old Tink Holl is. I believe someone once told me it was founded in 1912, which is believable. But there must be good records that would say.

  2. Anastasia Pantsios

    As far as I can learn, it opened in 1994.

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