AUDIO: Malina Moye Talks With Cool Cleveland

Sat 10/27 7:30PM

Malina Moye has a pedigree to die for. She came from a family of musicians, and she started playing professionally at the age of 12. She picked up her father’s guitar when he was out of the room, and flipped it over, since she was left handed. He gave his blessing, and she’s been playing it that way ever since. Now she’s Fender Guitar’s first African-Amercian female, upside down, left-handed endorsee. And now she’s headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to honor Chuck Berry in this week’s American Music Masters program on Sat 10/27 at the State Theatre.┬áListen to the Cool Cleveland phone interview here.

She describes her own music as Led Zeppelin meets Sly and the Family Stone, and yet she talks about how Chuck Berry influenced her as well. Especially his guitar playing and showmanship, so obvious when she first saw him perform live as a child.

Next, she’s releasing her new single, “Kyotic,” featuring Bootsy Collins, sometime in the first quarter. She feels the new music business allows an artist to be a true entrepreneur, so she has created her own record label, and she charted with her first single by co-promoting it with a glamour calendar. Check out her “Rock and Roll Baby” video clip here.

Listen to the Cool Cleveland phone interview here.



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2 Responses to “AUDIO: Malina Moye Talks With Cool Cleveland”

  1. Teesha

    Are you people kidding me, Led Zepplin meets Sly and the Family Stone? Have you actually heard this woman play “free style”? She can’t you know. She is not a musician, she is a hustler and apparently a better actress than she tried to be during the 1990’s when she was a telemarketer! Either the interviewer of this item is either getting “something” from Malina, or you are deaf, Malina is not accomplished, she has faked her way all over the world playing the same songs she learned ten years ago and she only started playing a few years ago! And “Kyotic,” are you kidding? That song is from Portrait of a Woman and Diamonds and Guitars, her only CD that came out in 2004 and NEVER charted on Billboard, it was #93 on R&B list for 6 weeks, but it never charted.

    Well, if it’s that easy to fake being famous then I will dig up my old bass guitar, learn three songs and trick people into believing that I am a star.

  2. Larry J

    I’m excited for Ms. Moye and the Rock Hall made a great choice! I totally disagree with the previous comment. I’ve seen Moye live three times and she plays great and brings a show w-her. There’s nobody like her in music right now and she represents a new generation of rock. I’m sure Chuck Berry will be smiling! I’m trying to get tickets and will make the drive (45 mins outside of Cleveland).

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