REVIEW: Opera Scenes & Arias @ CIM 4/15/11

REVIEW: Opera Scenes & Arias @ CIM

Although some of the young singers (who are really students at CIM) have performed in professional productions, they’re not yet completely ready to go out into the world as full-fledged opera stars of the future. While the program generally offers two completely costumed and staged operas per school year, still, not every student will be able to have a solo part. Thus, the addition of the “Opera Scenes & Arias” – a miscellany of short scenes featuring solos and small ensembles in a wide variety of operatic styles. On occasion, a one-act opera is included. This year, it seems, the opera du jour is Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial By Jury.

The entire evening was delightful. Directed by David Bamberger, with brilliant piano accompaniment provided by Music Director John Simmons, ten individual arias were demonstrated in the first half of the program. After intermission it was all Trial By Jury, all the time!

Each of the arias on the first half was introduced by a student, some of whom then also participated in a different aria as performer. As you might expect, some of the performers were more equal than others. Perhaps it’s the repertoire selected, or the style isn’t exactly right for the singer. However, there’s always next time!

Selections ranged from Mozart to Lehár and required the singers to sing in Czech, French, English, German and Italian. Most of these were double-cast for the three performances, as was Trial.

In 1875, when Trial By Jury was first produced, “breach of promise” lawsuits were rather standard, at least in England, and this one-act comedic farce takes aim at the premise. There is no spoken dialogue, but who needs it with such delightful solo and ensemble work?

Costumes by Alison Garrigan were bright, colorful and appropriate. Lighting was excellent throughout; unfortunately the designer/tech (and for the clever set for Trial) were not credited in the program.

For information about next year’s CIM Opera Program, or to order tickets, call 216.791.5000, ext. 411 or visit the website:


Photos by CIM/LDennison

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