Children’s Museum Debuts New Permanent Exhibit on Bubbles

Mon 12/12

When we read about the new Bubbles exhibit opening at the Children’s Museum of Cleveland on Monday December 12, the first question that came to mind is “Will they have ‘Grownup Nights’ for adults”? Because the fun of blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, watching clouds of bubbles dissipate in the air doesn’t go away with age.

As the museum’s executive director Maria Campanelli says, “It’s hard not to smile in a room full of bubbles. While they spark so much joy in children of all ages, we know that bubbles are also a great conduit for early childhood development. Bubbles allow young children to practice their observation skills and learn about cause and effect, which is foundational to STEM learning.”

Whatever, blah blah blah, STEM learning. We’re thinking FUN. This immersive, interactive exhibit offers young kids the chance to stretch a bubble bigger than themselves, engage with the custom bubble-blowing wall, unleash a flurry of bubbles, and catch fog-filled bubbles. Hey —I want to do that!

The new Bubbles exhibit will join seven other permanent exhibits in the Children’s Museum. Go here for more information.



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