Wild & Scenic Fim Fest @ Cleveland Museum of Natural History Explores Nature & Its Protectors

Scene from “Defending the Deep” by ocean/marine life advocate Claire Nouvian

Sat 1/4 @ 6PM

What better way to start the year than by immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world and reflecting upon the ongoing battle to preserve and protect it in the face on increasing onslaughts? The South Yuba River Citizens League’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival, a touring show of film shorts which returns to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History today, lets you do that.

The films explore topics from outer space to the depths of the sea. They take viewers to Baja California to meet the Mexican fishing bat and to Greenland to learn what the melting ice sheet tells us about climate change. Botanists go to Yosemite to look at flowers that only bloom after a fire, and we get to follow a man who takes his seven-year-old paddleboarding in Western Nepal to teach him that there’s more to the world than social media. And you’ll meet the winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize who fight for environmental justice in their communities in the film “What Does It Take?” The 13 films range in length from 2-26 minutes.

But you don’t just get to see the films, which start screening at 7pm. From 6-7, there’s a EnviroFair, where local organizations which work on environmental issues will be present to talk to people about their work and about how you can get involved. If environmental/climate issues are at the top of the list of things you care about, make a resolution to hook up with one of these groups and support their work.

Admission is $20 in advance, $25 at the door, $15/$20 for CMNH members. There’s also a wine/beer cash bar.


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