Two Local Artists Share Work Done During Residencies at the Cleveland Print Room

Tue 12/17 @ 5-8PM

Local artists Jacqueline Bon and Samantha Bias have recently completed residency projects at the Cleveland Print Room. Now they’re preparing to show the work they created and share what’s behind it at an artist talk and exhibition at CPR.

Bias is an art teacher who has been working with the difficult and time-consuming alternative process called the “chlorophyll process,” in which she prints portraits on actual leaves. Jackie is the marketing and communications coordinator at the Morgan Art of Papermaking conservatory with a bent for creating images with implied narratives. We don’t know what she’s been working on at CPR, but we look forward to seeing!

Stop in from 5-8pm to see the work; the artists will talk at 6:30pm. It’s free and open to all.

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