Four Women Perform Ozzy-Era Sabbath at the Beachland as Black Sabbitch

Wed 1/8 @ 8PM

Tribute bands sometimes seem to have taken over the world. How many Pink Floyd tribute bands are there now? 100,000?

One new angle that’s cropped up in all-female tribute bands with names that play on the name of the band they’re covering with a female angle: Lez Zeppelin, Iron Maidens. Misstallica. Vag Halen. And Los Angeles-based Black Sabbitch, who have been covering Ozzy-era Black Sabbath for nearly a decade.

They’ll undoubtedly pack the Beachland Ballroom, because hopefully bands love this music and not because anyone is still amazed that women can play it. But you should go early to catch Cleveland’s Dead Earth, whose ferocious classic metal is all their own.

Tickets are $15 in advance, $17 at the door.



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