Coven Hosts Womxn’s Moon Circle in Lakewood

Wed 1/8 @ 7-9PM

Miranda Scott is the bewitching owner of Coven, the warmly welcoming witchy store in Lakewood. Miranda greets everyone with her charming smile and sincere welcome — she has a genuine and intuitive concern for everyone who enters Coven. The ever-perceptive proprietress questions and listens, providing adept assistance — whether with your practice, selecting a gift, or how to use a product.

At Coven you’ll find a cornucopia of craft products: bells, books and journals, and candles — crystals, tarot cards, herbal teas, to name but a few. Coven also provides two extensively experienced tarot card readers, available most days.

Miranda is very involved in the community. Coven hosts numerous events both single and repeating: Lake Witch’s tea-blending classes, Catherine Urban’s astrological classes and cookbook release party, punk yoga, and feminist empowering activist events (NARAL fundraising and voter registrations) — and the Womxn’s Moon Circle.

When I entered Coven to attend the Womxn’s Moon Circle in August I was enchanted by the energy of a beautiful circle of 20-25 womxn, an amazing rainbow of diversity. Farrah Matlock has created, crafted and curated the Womxn’s Moon Circle, a marvelously magical event for all who identify as female/womxn, and celebrated around the New Moon or Full Moon each month.

The Womxn’s Moon Circle directs participants’ emotions, creative energy and concentration in a naturally flowing way, to effect positive energy and change. The Circle also creates connection and support, pays homage and honour to ourselves and others, encourages, and includes comfort and laughter.

Farrah, the alchemist of this event, greeted me, asked my name and directed me to sit anywhere that suited me. She guided the Moon Circle with ease, grace and her wonderful ring binder. Farrah began with an introduction of herself and the event with a summary of our Moon Circle agenda. She then thanked Miranda for sharing Coven for this event.

Following Farrah’s lead, we each introduced ourselves, said why we were there, and whatever other information we wished to share. While we were gently smudging each other with sage and with palo santo, I was again gobsmacked by the infinite variety of our group, the spirit of camaraderie that arose with this smudging.

Farrah had us choose an Oracle card, spoke about keeping a dream journal (to stimulate motivation and imagination), then led us into a guided meditation, which raised our awareness of each other. After the meditation, Farrah asked us to journal about the card we chose, the meditation, or whatever came to mind. My card said: “My dreams reveal that magic is real and anything is possible.” So I was thus inspired to write about facing my fears, and segued into a lyrical poem about magic — and how magic is manifesting in my life.

Others then shared what they wrote, thought or felt, speaking freely in this safe space. This moved me deeply by its sharp contrast with our current climate of repression.

In the spirit of vanquishing and banishing that which no longer serves us, we were handed tiny pieces of flash paper, on which we wrote an emotion to remove from our lives. We trooped outside — where the moon was just subtly beginning to appear in the twilight — and burnt our fears away.

Back inside, laughing and happy, we toasted ourselves — to our beauty in body, soul and spirit, and the event — with wine (or sparkling grape juice). Farrah closed the Moon Circle with love and gratitude to all.

The 30 October event manifested even more radiant energy. We each paid tribute to ancestors, and we shared anecdotes that were deeply personal, seasonally supernatural and wildly funny. The Moon Circle again inspired me to poetry  — and others were inspired to their own unique creativity as well.

The Womxn’s Moon Circle is a walk of wisdom, a dance of discovery, a raising of positive energy, taking flight with the elements of encouragement and empowerment. It matters not what your beliefs may be — all are welcome — all will find something of magic and light and inspiration – and fun!

When asked why I attend the Womxn’s Moon Circle I reply, “It’s all about the woo, my dear.”

This Womxn’s Moon Circle meets around the New Moon or the Full Moon every month to create divine feminine connection, provide support and honor the beauty in each other through meditation, journaling, intention/goal setting, active listening and sharing. The January New Moon Circle takes place Wed 1/8 @ 7-9pm.


[Written by Donna Shimko]



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