Warren Miller Film “Timeless” at Akron Civic Theatre Provides Ski Thrills With No Risk

Sat 11/23 @ 6:30PM

When the name Warren Miller Entertainment is attached to a film event, fans know exactly what they are getting: the vicarious excitement of enjoying daring feats of skiing without the risk of broken bones or death, both highly unlikely sitting in a comfortable theater chair. It’s what they’ve been getting in increasingly high-tech photography since 1949, a legacy that continues even thought founding filmmaker Warren Miller died last year at the age of 93. Apparently making films didn’t have that high a risk factor!

Timeless is Warren Miller Entertainment’s 70th full-length film, offering those thrills to the fourth or fifth (or sixth) generation of armchair adventurers. The film takes them to British Columbia, the Colorado Rockies and the European Alps, riding along with several dozen master skiers from all around the globe.

The film screens at the Akron Civic Theatre, where the 8pm showing will be preceded by a SkiFest at 6:30, where filmgoers can check out outdoor equipment including ski gear and sgn up for the chance to win ski trips, so they can break their own damn necks. Tickets are $15.



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