Have Lunch With Abe Lincoln at Hale Farm & Village

Photo by Nancy Balluck

Sat 11/16 @ 3:30PM

OK, so you didn’t win that drawing to have lunch with President Trump. Dry your tears! You can have lunch with President Abraham Lincoln instead! (Somehow we don’t think Trump could have written the Gettysburg Address).

Join other dinner guests at Hale Farm & Village in Bath for a traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, side dishes, pumpkin pie, coffee, mulled wine and holiday beer while “Lincoln” talks about how the Thanksgiving holiday tradition in America began. But before you get all incensed about Pilgrims and the Native Americans, know that Thanksgiving was never really about that. It was an informally and intermittently celebrated harvest festival, until Lincoln made it an official national holiday in 1863 and it began to be celebrated regularly each year.

 The event also features educators and costumed interpreters who will tell holiday stories and perform music from Lincoln’s era.

Tickets are $45, $40 for Western Reserve Historical Society members, $20 for kids ages 3-12. Reservations in advance are a must. Go to halefarm or call 330-666-3711 ext. 1720.


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