Film About Racial Divide in Cleveland Screens in Rocky River

Sat 11/9 @ 7PM

The five-part feature-length 2017 documentary Dispatches from Cleveland looks at the impact of segregated neighborhoods, institutional poverty, discrimination and police brutality on ordinary people in the community.

Director Catherine Gund talks to people such as Tamir Rice’s mother Samaria, who was spurred to action when her son was murdered by the police in November 2014, and prosecutor Tim McGinty acted as if he were the defense attorney for the cops instead of someone seeking justice. As a result of community organizing, he was defeated in his next election. It looks at organizing activities around the 2015 Movement for Black Lives and the 2016 Republican National Convention, looking at how people came together to advocate and be a voice for the city’s most powerless people, even while its daily newspaper served as a mouthpiece for the powerful.

The film is the next offering from West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church’s Social Action film series. The free screening will be followed by a discussion featuring community activists.



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