Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop Celebrates 70th Anniversary With 1949 Prices

Mon 11/11-Sun 11/17

The Popcorn Shop is a beloved landmark on Main Street in downtown Chagrin Falls. First opened in 1949 in a 144-year-old building that sits right on top of the falls, which powered the adjoining flour mill, and later a barber shop, it offers lots more than just popcorn, including coffee, ice cream and candies of all types.

Following a truck ramming into the building and nearly destroying it in 1999, former Cleveland Nightclub owner Dewey Forward and George Richards partnered with Mort McClennan, son of original owner Dorothy McClennan, to rebuild and reopen in 2001. The shop also survived an attempt by President George W. Bush to run the cash register during a 2004 visit to the shop.

To celebrate its 70 years, the Popcorn Shop will be rolling back its prices to the 1949 level, when prices were approximately 1/11th of what they are now. So something that costs $10.80 today would have cost $1 then. It will also offer free popcorn and coffee for veterans of Veteran’s Day November 11.


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8 Responses to “Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop Celebrates 70th Anniversary With 1949 Prices”

  1. Bill

    I grew up in Cleveland. I’m 63 & live in Fresno, CA now. I remember Dad would take us to get ice cream in Chagrin Falls and we would get a conical scoop of rainbow ice cream. It was fun to get a cone shape instead of the usual round scoop. I wonder if this is the same ice cream parlor? , bill

  2. Rita O'Neill

    No visit to see my sister and Ohio is complete without a stop at the Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop as it is a nostalgic place which reminds us all of a bygone era and time of our lives. Thanks so much for remaining a delightful symbol of Americana!

  3. Jennifer

    I grew up in Chagrin Falls on Rocket Road off Franklin, just past the cemetary. I loved going downtown to the ice cream shop. Or to get candy. Then going over to watch the falls. I loved that little town. So many great memories.

  4. Margaret Klabik

    When I think of Chagrin Falls, I think of Tim Conway, the Popcorn Shop and The Cat’s Meow (which I miss very much!)

  5. Dale Davidson

    I worked there from 1964-68. Merlin Kewish owned the store then. He showed me a deed to the property that dated back to the Western Reserve. He also had an invoice from Thomas Edison, who installed electricity to the building. We made all the ice cream there with 10 percent butterfat. The windows were wavy because of the glazing process of the day. It was my first real job and I enjoyed it.

  6. Carole Ranta

    I worked there after school and made the popcorn balls and Carmel corn. My Dad also worked part time for the owner at the time Dot McClennan moving things for her. It was always kind of scary looking out the back windows and just seeing water below.

  7. Greg Parker

    Doug Baker and I must have taken over for Dale when he “retired.” This was also our first jobs. Merlin Kewish was smart. He paid us $1.00 and hour and all the ice cream we wanted. We weren’t allowed to eat the candy, though. We thought we were in heaven. After a while, reality set in. If you eat enough, you will get tired of even ice cream. We were wrong in thinking the free ice cream would make up for the lousy pay, but it was a good lesson learned. I live in Gig Harbor, Washington now, but there is a water color of the Popcorn Shop on our living room wall. Thanks for spurring the old memories.

  8. Barbara E Harmon

    The first time I met my wonderful husband, after we had lunch, this is where he decided we go for a stroll through downtown Chagrin Falls — we each got our ice cream cone and then wandered over to a bench by the river and sat down and got better acquainted. That was in 2012 and here we are in 2019 and still together, happily married and neither of us will forget that day!

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