Playwrights Local Staged Reading Travels Back to the Nuremberg Trials

Wed 9/18 @ 7PM

The mission of Cleveland-based nonprofit Playwrights Local is to develop new playwriting talent through a variety of programs: workshops, staged readings, fully staged productions and more.

Staged readings are often the first step in play development, where the author can hear for the first time how her words sound when spoken out loud. Playwrights Local’s Fall Roundtable series, at the Creative Space on Waterloo, offers them this opportunity, along with the chance to get helpful feedback from listeners.

On Wed 9/18 Mark Milo Kessler’s Tribunal will be taken out for a spin, with Christine McBurney directing. It doesn’t sound like an evening of light entertainment. It looks back at the fallout of World War II, revolving around a combat veteran/attorney who becomes part of the Nuremberg Trials prosecution team. Other characters who become ensnared with him are a war correspondent, a translator and a former Nazi who is also an intellectual.

“The experience leaves him with a crushing responsibility, including a secret that propels him into a future that promises to be nearly unbearable,” says the synopsis.

The readings are free and open to the public; no ticket or reservation is required.

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