PHOTOSTREAM: Skunkfest by Anastasia Pantsios

09.07.2019 Skunkfest

Sat 9/7

Skunkfest, which takes places annually in North Ridgeville’s South Central Park, is big fun for all animal lovers, even those who don’t own a pet skunk. Skunk owners converge from all over — this year we met people who came from Wyoming and California, among other places — bringing their skunks (they’re bred to be domestic, not taken from the wild). Skunks compete in races and in judges for titles; vendors offer all sorts of skunk-related items; people dress in skunk attire; and owners will talk the ear off anyone who wants to know what it’s like to own one of these critters.

But it’s not just about skunks: some brought their dogs and rabbits, and cat and ferret rescues had booths that were mobbed with people wanting to hold a slinky ferret or an adorable kitten.

View the PHOTOSTREAM here.

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