Local Experimental Duo Night Terrors Plays @ BOP STOP with Special Guest Guitarist

Wed 8/28 @ 8PM

Night Terrors is the name of a collaboration between two Cleveland musicians — Akron guitarist Tim Mirth and Cleveland percussionist Paul Stranahan — who are part of the local experimental music scene. Like many such musicians, their range is wide and they’ve worked (and continue to work) in all sorts of formats.

Mirth, for instance, covers ground from jazz to death metal to classical, while Stranahan is known for his work with singing bowls and gongs as well as more standard percussion. Both compose as well as perform improvised music — or combine the two, as they do in Night Terrors, a project they describe as “a template of soundscapes and movements to take one through some kind of hazy, often scary, dream.”

For their upcoming performance at the BOP STOP, they’ll be joined by special guest Chris Bober on guitar. Mirth and Stranahan will open with a set focusing on their own compositions, followed by a set of “all new improvised adventures” by the threesome

It’s an inexpensive journey too; admission is only $7.




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