Yards Project Show “Plein Air” Features Art Created Outdoors

Thu 7/11 @ 6-9PM

The rotating art shows in the lobby of the Warehouse District’s Worthington Yards apartment building — aka the Yards Project — give building residents the opportunity to live with the art of some of Cleveland’s most interesting artists, both established and up-and-coming. The space is also open to the public to enjoy the works of these artists.

Its next show Fresh Air, which opens Thursday, has ties to the “plein air” movement of painting outside, which became big, especially in France, in the 19th century. Fresh Air displays work inspired by artists creating outside the studio in a variety of media, being inspired by Cleveland’s own cityscape. Artists who work is in the show include Asia Armour, Grace McConnell, Jen Craun, Sarah Curry, Hadley Conner, Susan Danko, Bonnie Dolin, Eileen Dorsey, Phyllis Fannin, Anne Kibbe, Cynthia Penter, Karen Petkovic, LaSaundra Robinson, Lisa Schonberg and Dawn Tekler.

The opening reception, Thu 7/11 @ 6-9pm, is free and open to the public.


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