New Local Trio Beach Regime Launches Debut EP at Now That’s Class

Photos by Johnny Joo

Fri 6/7 @ 9PM

Cleveland trio Beach Regime will be releasing their debut EP, Sandbox, with a show at Now That’s Class.

Never heard of them? Not surprising — they’re new to the scene, formed just last year. They’re pretty plucky too, describing themselves on their Instagram as “greatest living band.”

Featuring Stephen Arthur on vocals, John Vasvary on guitars and synthesizers and Robert Putney on drums, the band plays music that’s intense and vibrant, music they describe as “acoustical anarchy, sonic chaos and the sounds of love, sex and despair never sounded so sweet to ear. Pure, unfiltered, coffee cup full of joy.”  Sandbox offers eight cups of this special joy.

They’ll perform with Key to the Mint and the Trades. Admission is $5, which they’ve said they’re giving to the other bands as thanks for playing with them. So they’re generous too, and probably hope you’ll buy their album.



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