Guitarist/Vocalist Moises Borges Brings the Warm Sounds of Brazil to Nighttown

Sat 1/5 @ 8:30PM

Cleveland-based vocalist/guitarist Moises Borges is a native of Bahia, Brazil, who has lived in this area for many years now. But he retains an affinity for the music of his country, performing his own re-interpretations of classic tunes associated with seminal bossa nova artists like Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim and singer/guitarist João Gilberto, who, like Borges, hailed from the state of Bahia.

Borges often plays solo gigs but at Nighttown he’ll bring along some musicians he frequently collaborates with when he wants a bigger sound: percussionist Dylan Moffitt, bassist Gary Aprile and trumpeter Jacob Wynne.

Tickets are $15.



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