CoolCLE PODCAST #14: Magic in Cleveland

Strolling magic, hypnotism and illusions are the topic of this week’s episode as we introduce you to two of Cleveland’s best magicians – David Garza and David Anthony.

David Garza (pictured above) of Lake Erie Illusions hosts a monthly magic show at Battery Park Pub with the next happening on December 27th with comedy magician Eric Thompson and close-up magic from Nick Eaton. Garza talks about his particular style of magic called “strolling, close-up” and how he got involved in the art.

We also are joined by David Anthony (pictured above) who has performed at the monthly Battery Park Pub event. Dubbed the “Sinatra of Magic”, Anthony talks about his favorite tricks and hypnotic suggestions like levitating his assistant and making the audience volunteers forget their belly buttons.

Recently released music from Cleveland musicians is also included in the show.

The Church of the Lazy Bastards newest album called The Longest Car Crash was released on December 19th and Erin Burke with her soulful, country styling plays her new song, “Long Gone,” released on December 8th.

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