Evan’s Bears Comfort Ailing Children

Evan Burgess showed the world a smile and a spirit of optimism every day of his life. All the more special since he had been born in 1994 with a rare heart condition, doctors giving him only two years to live.

He lived in London and Vancouver, and had recently returned to the city he loved, Cleveland. Along the way, he touched his friends and family with his positive outlook, his passion for life, and an appreciation for every moment he lived.

His heart condition finally caught up to him on 10/17/18, shortly after his 24th birthday. His mom, Bonnie Perkovic, and his dad, Chris Burgess, known in Cleveland as the creator of Beat Farm Studios and from playing in numerous bands, came up with an ingenious way to honor Evan’s memory and spread his legacy of love and compassion.

Over 100 stuffed bears have been collected from around the world since his funeral, and Evan’s Bears have been donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Vancouver, London and Cleveland in his honor to comfort children dealing with serious medical issues. If you’re so inclined, the family intends to make annual donations of bears to the Ronald McDonald Houses.




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  1. Chris Burgess

    Thanks, Thomas. Not an hour goes by when I don’t think of him.

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