Folded, Crumpled & Sewn Art on Display in “The Fabricators” at Akron Art Museum

Work by Craig Lucas

Sat 9/22-3/3/19

In the 20th century, the lines between two-dimensional paintings, drawings and prints, and sculpture began to blur. Now it’s common to see paintings leap off the wall into a third dimension. And for its next show, The Fabricators, the Akron Art Museum will show paintings and prints from its collection by Sam Gilliam, Alan Shields, Kenneth Showell and northeast Ohioan Craig Lucas (who died in 2011) that leap out of a flat plane by folding, crumpling and sewing, by essentially treating canvas or paper like fabric.

“Many of the works in The Fabricators have never been exhibited or have remained in storage for decades, says associate curator Theresa Bembnister. “The Akron Art Museum encourages its visitors to ‘Live Creative,’ so as a curator it was important to me to share these prints and paintings by artists who experimented with innovative and imaginative ways of working.”

The show opens this weekend and will be on view through 3/3/19.



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